Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Slight Case of Runner's Remorse

Last night I let Woody talk me into a rest day today when I had been planning to go for a run. I admitted that my body could use an extra hour of sleep, and I gave in easily.

We woke up this morning to 58 degrees and this beautiful sky

It's too bad rest days can't always happen on gloomy days. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as beautiful because I will be out there for a run!
Today's workout -


Eternal Lizdom said...

I hadn't planned on running yesterday but the weather here in Indy required it- it was too gorgeous to miss out! Glad I did because it's rainy here today. Hope you have that great weather day to run in!!

Elle said...

Sometimes ya gotta just rest... and who doesn't love a good stretch? Good for you.

Raquelita said...

Just think of it this way: that extra day of rest when you're body needed it will help you to enjoy more runs in gorgeous weather in the future!