Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap (Not a Race Recap)

Well, I had my post all ready to go for this morning, but then something extraordinary happened last night. I really never thought we would get this news, that the man who made the decision to change millions of lives forever, who ultimately changed how everyone lives, is no longer. It's pretty amazing and I'm really curious/excited to see what the mood is like on the streets of this city today.

Okay....I had to say something about this, and now I have. So here's the post I had planned:

Today I wish I was posting a recap of the Broad Street Run race in Philly. Actually, today I wish Woody and I were in Philly with a day off from work and a chance to explore to City of Brotherly Love. But, that obviously wasn't meant to be. I'm not giving up on this race though. Next year....
I ended up working till 7pm Friday night, which wasn't absolutely ideal, but a co-worker and I had a major breakthrough on something that's been hanging over our heads for quite a while now. So, the late quitting time was somewhat worth it because we're in a good place to start the week today.

Saturday was my birthday and truthfully, it was kind of a day of ups and downs. I was really disappointed that I wasn't going to run the race, and this regret popped up every once in a while. I tried not to let it bother me, but I'm not going to lie, it did. The morning started with a great workout. I actually got on the elliptical after feeling good without crutches on Friday. I know I need to be smart about this comeback (again), so I only did 15 minutes at a really low resistance. I left the gym feeling great.

Then, it was time to get ready and meet the girls for brunch. And g-free cupcakes. As always, I had a great time! So relaxing and fun. Just what I needed.

Plans flip flopped a lot, but Woody and I went to STAND4 for dinner (I love their veggie burgers and the shakes are more than delicious). Unfortunately the picture of us from dinner didn't turn out well. We finished our meal with a few mini-shakes. The restaurant is selling these mini-shakes (any flavor) for $2 each, with 100% going to the Red Cross to help the tornado victims. When we heard that, we couldn't say no. Plus, it's a great way to try a bunch of flavors. While toasted marshmallow is still my fave, Saturday night, the mint shake - with real mint leaves - was the best!

Woody and I were looking forward to the first New Amsterdam Market of the year that was yesterday. It was a special May Day celebration though, as the weekly markets don't begin until June 1st. Still, it was good to have it back. There were some familiar vendors as well as new ones, and a lot of people! Thankfully the weather was beautiful.

It was a good weekend with lots of sun and no crutches (or pain)!
Congrats to everyone who ran a race over the weekend, I know there were many, I hope you had a great time!
  • Do you know of a local business in your area raising money for the Red Cross or other non-profits helping the tornado victims? (let's spread the word!!)
  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
Saturday's workout -
15min elliptical
8 min arm bike
200 crunches
2x25 pushdown
2x20 overhead extension
2x15 lateral arm raise
3x12 leg extension
2x25 hammer curl
3x10 hanging reverse crunches
2x20 front arm raise
2x15 hip raise
2x40 sec superman
3x12 back extension
foam roller

Sunday's workout -
None. Another rest day. Although I did clean and do laundry.

Today's workout -
20 min elliptical
6 min arm bike
2x25 lat pull down
2x20 bicep curl
2x20 overhead tricep extension
2x15 weighted side bend
200 crunches
2x20 seated row
2x50sec supermans
foam roller


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What a gorgeous weekend!
I love the idea of shakes with real mint, delicious! And for a good cause, even better!

MrsQ318 said...

200 crunches? Goodness that is INSANE! And it makes me feel super lazy. lol.
I just found your blog, BTW, and I am a follower now! :)

mealsformiles said...

Love the idea of mini shakes for charity! I know not racing this weekend must have been a bummer, but at least you made up for it with good times, delicious food and friends. And celebrating your B-day! Glad you had no pain this weekend too :)

Raquelita said...

I stayed up late last night watching, and am feeling kind of drowsy today as a result.

I'm glad you had a pain-free weekend and a good time celebrating your birthday! Those mini-shakes look divine!

gracekelle said...

The best part of my weekend was celebrating your birthday!

Steel Springs said...

I'm sorry that your birthday had some disappointment in it. It sounds like you also had a lot of fun, though. Those mini shakes look so cute and delicious. I'd love to try a mint one!

freshyearoflife said...

Thanks for the blog love and happy belated birthday!! Next year you'll get to that race :)

Julie D. said...

happy belated birthday!! I'm sorry you couldn't run but your day still looked fabulous!! Hang in there...and yes, last night was EXTRAORDINARY!! I can't imagine the feeling in the air in NYC right now. USA!

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