Monday, May 23, 2011

Filling The Void

First, a BIG congratulations to all the Brooklyn Half Marathon finishers!! And a special congrats to April who set a new PR on Saturday! After a week of gray skies and rain, Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful. Just in time for the runners!!

Since I didn't run Saturday, I had to find ways to fill my day....right? Well, the weekend started out with dinner at Madison Square Eats.

There was a pizza place making pizzas in a wood fired oven. Right there in the pedestrian plaza! Very cool. I chose the Calexico cart. Calexico is a well known taco/burrito/quesadilla cart that started serving the SoHo neighborhood at lunch but has expanded since then. I got the two taco platter - one chicken, one pulled pork and rice, beans and tomatoes on the side. delicious!!! I didn't get a picture of Woody's dinner because he had finished by the time I got to the table with mine. He said his Turkish wrap was good but that I had made the better choice. Being the sweet wife that I am, let him have a bit of my dinner.

Oh, did I mention Mario Batali walked by while I was in line? Must have been checking out the Eataly booth. I did not notice if he was wearing crocs, but I bet he was!

After the gym (where I ran 2 miles!) we had breakfast (did you know black beans are delicious in eggs?) and went to the farmers market and Trader Joe's for our weekly grocery shopping. We couldn't let the day pass without taking advantage of the nice day so we headed up to Central Park. We used to spend quite a lot of time in the park when we lived on the Upper East Side, but since moving downtown we hardly ever get there and haven't been yet this Spring! We watched a little lawn bowling, the British and Canadian police officers who are in town raising money for Jack's P.A.C.K. (Police Against Cancer in Kids) running in interesting outfits, enjoyed a little soft serve at the Boat House Cafe, explored a few trails, listened to a harpist playing classical music, watched the eclectic group of roller skaters and visited the new visitors center at the old Tavern on the Green. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon that reminded me just how lucky we are in this city to have such an incredible and versatile park just a few steps, or a few subway stops, away!

I'm off to get a bone density scan before work. Hopefully all the calcium and vitamin D I've been taking is making a difference.
  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
Saturday's workout -
2mile run
.25 walk warm-up
.25 walk cool-down
100 crunches
2x15 each:
lateral arm raise
bent row
weighted side bends
leg press
leg raise
hip abductor
back extension
2x30sec side plank
foam roller

Sunday's workout -
30 min elliptical
2x20 hammer curl
2x20 bicep curl
2x20 lat pulldown
2x40sec plank

Today's workout -
25min elliptical
100 crunches
3x15 hanging reverse crunches
3x18 cable pull push-down
3x15 front arm raise
3x20 tricep kickback
foam roller


Barbara said...

Sounds like a great Saturday ! And nice weather to boot !
Love the pix , especially those of you and Woody . Great one in the Park ..(:
Good luck on the bone scan.

Penny said...

I love all your pictures they are beautiful. What a nice way to spend your sat.

Anonymous said...

hooray for running 2 miles! Hope your bone density scan went well too. Would you believe I work 2 seconds away from Madison Sq. Eats and haven't gone yet? It's sad...

Christine said...

Sounds like you're doing a good job easing back into running! Keep it up! The highlight of my weekend was definitely the day spa yesterday. The only bad part is reality when you leave!