Monday, April 4, 2011

A Weekend of Hits and Misses

It's been one of those weekends filled with ups and downs. So, here's the run down

Miss: Started the weekend with a horrible workout. Probably the worst I've had in a very long time. I woke up not too sure about my legs, so when I heard the wind was pretty strong, I opted for the treadmill at the gym. Good thing I did, because right away after I did a quarter mile walk to warm-up, I started my run and it wasn't good. It was getting close to a mile and I still didn't have a good stride, my left hip was bothering me and my legs just weren't moving smoothly, I knew I had to stop. It was painful. Both physically and mentally. It really disappointed me. I even tried getting off, stretching a bit differently (trying to loosen up my hips a little) but it still didn't work. So, I grabbed my stuff and moved over to the elliptical, which has worked fine for me this whole time. I was scheduled to do 8 miles, so I did one on the treadmill and spent 70 minutes on the elliptical, which took me a little further than 7 miles. Stretching finished up my lousy workout.

Hit: Woody and I went to brunch at Cafe Mogodar. The waiter wasn't good, but my Moroccan eggs were fantastic and Woody enjoyed his meal as well. We haven't gone out for brunch in a while, even though we love doing so, and the weather was beautiful. He then helped me grocery shop at Trader Joe's. My goal this week is not to do any grocery shopping during the week other than picking up bananas and apples.

Miss: I went to the bulk store to get a few things and realized that the peanuts we were getting are roasted in oil. Not cool. The only other ones they had were raw and blanched. I figured why not give them a try, they're peanuts. Well, I was wrong. Raw, blanched peanuts are not so good.

Hit: On the way home, I saw a bunch of these coming up! Spring is on the way!

Neutral: My workout Sunday morning was fine. It was supposed to be 60 minutes of cross training, so I spent another 60 on the elliptical. I did some stretches and a little strength training.

Miss: I was really excited for the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, but by the time I arrived, the line was epic. The entrance to the event hall is mid-way between 6th and 7th Ave on 18th Street (and these blocks are long). People were lined up all the way to 7th Avenue, around the corner, up to 19th St and around the corner again. I finally found the end about half way down 19th St to 6th Ave. I asked a woman at the corner of 18th and 7th how long she had been in line "Oh, I've already been here for an hour." I thought about it, took this pic, and left. I was disappointed that I wasn't getting in, but I couldn't wait 2+ hours just to get in. It's great to see so much enthusiasm for the vegetarian lifestyle. (Or, maybe it had something to do with the free ticket price and promise of food.)

Hit: Since the food fest was a bust, and I was in the Chelsea/Union Square area, I decided to do a little shopping instead. The weather was absolutely beautiful and all that really awaited me at home was dirty laundry and cleaning. Here's what I ended up with

A super cute pair of Asics casual sneakers to wear around the city!

I know some people think Power Balance bracelets are pointless,
but right now, I'll try just about anything!
Today I was just too nervous to even try the treadmill so I went straight toward the elliptical. It was fine. I also did some strength training and stretching. This afternoon I meet with the doctor and will tell him my long and arduous story. I'm sure he'll be happy the day will be close to over when he's done meeting with me! Hopefully he'll have some encouraging news for me. I really need some.
  • What were the hits of your weekend?
Saturday's workout -
.25 mile warm-up walk
1 mile run
70min elliptical
.25 mile cool-down walk
3x12 leg press
100 crunches
foam roller

Sunday's workout -
60 min elliptical
3x6 front, side, back resistance band kicks
2x10 side squats w/ resistance band
foam roller

Today's workout -
40 min elliptical
3x12 cable push down
3x12 straight front arm raise
3x6 front, side, back resistance band kicks
2x10 side squats w/ resistance band
foam roller


Run with Jess said...

At least you got your workouts in - that is a success in itself!! My weekend was a complete MISS! argh! Hubby had to work all day, both days + busy evening plans = no running for me! And that makes a very crabby Jess! LOL.

Love the new Asics! Tell me more about the bracelet??

Laura said...

I LOVE those Asics!!
My hits were surviving our cross training on Sat and being able to run on Sunday.
The miss was the terrible service we had post run breakfast on Sunday. Food was good but our waitress was terrible and left in a foul mood...

Susan said...

Sorry about your injury, I hope you recover soon!

I really wanted to go to the vegetarian fest, but once I saw tweets that the line was over two hours long, I didn't even attempt to go down there. Crazy!

Love the shoes. :)

Rach said...

At least you were able to get some good cross training in!

Totally understand your frustrations with injuries though...I feel like I'm always battling one injury or the other. So frustrating.