Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Win

Ah, don't get excited. What I won was "Stump the Doctor."

My appointment yesterday didn't go so well. It wasn't a total loss, but not too helpful either. I started by telling the doc my long medical history then he tested my strength and flexibility in my left leg. He also measured my calf, just above my knee and mid-thigh of both legs. Turns out my left leg is slightly larger than my right one (cause that's what a woman likes to hear). While he admitted he has to do a bit of research, he thinks it may have something to do with the humatrope, a growth hormone, I take each night, even though I've been taking it since June of last year. After several blood workups since my surgery in 2009 showed a low GH level, I started taking Humatrope to bring it up to normal level and give me more energy. Part of me kind of hopes that this is what's causing the stiffness so there's a definite cause, but then again, I need to take the GH if I don't want to be exhausted all the time. Of course, there's still a possibility that something else is going on.

The doc wants me to see his partner, who apparently has more knowledge about muscle workings, so I'm seeing him tomorrow afternoon. I'll see what he has to say. In the meantime, the doc I saw today suggested I try a long warm-up, stretching and foam roller before trying to run.

This morning before we went to the gym I used the trigger wheel on my glutes then I started with a .25 mile walk at a moderate pace on the treadmill, a few light, dynamic stretches and then used the foam roller a bit. Then I tried running. Definitely still a wonky start and I my turnover was actually faster than the pace, which I had trouble slowing down. It was weird. Anyway, I feel I could have gone longer but I only went a mile. I think I've gotten to that point where I'm putting up a mental wall that I'm going to have to break down. Fast. I finished my workout with 3.76 miles on the elliptical, side squats with a resistance band, stretching, crunches and the foam roller. Let's see what Doc #2 says today.
I just want to run.
  • What are you most looking forward to about Spring (assuming it arrives in earnest!)?
Today's workout -
1 mile run
35 min elliptical
75 crunches
3x10 side squats
foam roller


Anne said...

I really hope the docs can figure out how to make it all better! Hang in there...and good job with the cross-training in the meantime.

Teamarcia said...

How frustrating. I hope you get some answers soon. Not too springlike around here....yet...but soon right?

3:59:59. Bitches. said...

Fingers crossed for you. And as for the one leg being bigger, just think: that means the right leg is SKINNIER! :)

Molly said...

I hope Doc #2 can figure this out for you, I feel your frustration!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

gosh this kind of stuff is so frustrating. I know i've been there and trial and error seems to be the name of the game. I'm glad you are staying on it though and you'll get answers!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the words of support and encouragement! It really means a lot! I think most runners can sympathise with the whole situation... just want to be healthy and active only to get pulled back by pesky injuries.

misszippy said...

The medical world can be so frustrating for a runner! I hope you get the answers you need!

Lauren said...

Don't know the full history but I don't think it can feel too good to stump the doctor. Looking forward to days that are so beautiful that I can't helo but run versus this excuse for spring weather.