Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I Train

Last Monday, Gracekelle left an interesting comment:

I know she meant it as a compliment, but at first I was a little confused. I mean, why wouldn't I train for the 10 mile race?

But then I realized that I really don't train specifically for most of the races I run. As a New Yorker, I'm extremely lucky to have NYRR races available practically every weekend, year round. Most of the races are 4miles to 10k's, but there are some longer ones. The only shorter races are meant more for kids (I think) than adult runners and I can't remember ever seeing a 5k on the calendar. Anyway, I usually sign up for races to set a goal, to have an 'end game' (although there's never really an 'end'), and to enjoy the race day experience. I just love racing, even though I'll never win and I inevitably feel like a cow being herded during those first few yards, there's no feeling quite like running along with thousands of others exerting every inch of effort in us to get to the finish line. Granted, I would like to run a smaller race one day, but I think the same vibe will be there.

For these typical weekend races, I don't set out a training plan since they are usually the same distance, or shorter, than my typical weekday runs, and I'm doing them more for fun. I have different goals for the Broad Street Run and the Brooklyn Half. I have never run a 10 mile race (automatic PR), we're traveling for this one and, well, it's a big race. I want to run this well. For the Brooklyn Half, which is only 20 days after Broad Street, I haven't run a half marathon since 2008 and my time was 2:02. Obviously, I'm hoping to break that time.

With these races so close together and the distances being what they are, I knew I needed to properly train for the Broad Street Run. I'm not a pro, I don't pretend to be, and I need structure in my training to do the best I can. So, I turn to the pros for help! I want to get to the starting line on May 1st feeling more confident then ever. I also believe that following a training plan will keep me injury free!

I have to say, that I absolutely ROCKED my tempo run this morning!! I had a 30 minute tempo run on tap and decided yesterday I'd do it outdoors. I slept in 20 minutes (stayed up late to watch White Collar and I prefer to have a little sunlight with my runs), put on my cold weather gear, stretched and headed out. Right from the start my legs felt fresh and I just went. I love that I don't have to contend with too many commuters for most of my run when I start at 6am or earlier and only had to pause briefly at two stop lights! The wind was crazy strong along the Hudson River though, and that might have slowed me down a little, but I still finished with an 8:17 pace!!! That's crazy! Almost doesn't seem right to me, but maybe being outside gave me the extra go!

I had to stop at Trader Joe's on my way in so now I'm enjoying my overnight oats at my desk then getting to work! (in the mix: oats, water, cinnamon, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, raisins, banana)

  • Do you train for all your races?
Last night's workout -

Today's workout -
30 minute tempo run


Ellen said...

Why, the NYRR has a 5K this weekend! But I think it's the only one on the calendar. Maybe they figured since so many community groups organize 5Ks, that they don't need to cater to that distance, where it's harder to find a 15K or 5-miler (for example).

(And there is a kids' race this weekend too, and man are those 2-year-olds adorable... even if they can't run in a straight line.)

Rose said...

I *should* train for all my races, but I'm really not good at following a training plan. Ug.

Kate said...

I train pretty faithfully for my bigger races, but I definitely have slacked on some shorter ones...and then my body reminds me during the race that I should respect the distance, whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

I totally train for all races! even if it's an NYRR 4 miler, I like getting in some good tempos or speedwork that make me feel more prepared to race. To me, training is half the fun of racing! :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Usually i only have a couple of A races and everything else I am generally training for by doing the mileage, but am not doing anything crazy to really hit a time or anything. I think that creates a good balance of fun and intensity for me

Penny said...

I call it training for any race over 6 miles. I like to be prepared. Great run this morning.

gracekelle said...

@kate - I think that's the best way to put it. "Respect" any race no matter what the distance is. So well put!

That is what I meant to say. So sorry if I confused you or hurt your feelings in any way Lisa- didn't mean to. I just really admired your dedication and respect for each race since 10 miles should be a breeze after that 26.2 miler you did in 2009 :)