Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making A Training Plan My Own

Back a few weeks ago I shared with you that I'm following Hal Higdon's 15K/10M training plan to get ready for the Broad Street Run on May 1st. I've been doing very well to follow the plan exactly. That was until last week when my leg started bothering me.

Here's a look at the plan for last week and this one:

I turned Wednesday and Thursday into cross training days on the elliptical and basically took a rest day on Sunday.

So far this week is going really well, but I have made a few changes. First, I switched the interval workout to Tuesday because I had to wait for someone from our building's management company to stop by before work which meant I had more time at the gym, so I could fit this workout in better. That pushed the 5 mile run to Wednesday. As you'll see below, I also added a mile to today's run. And I need to change up the end of the week (aka long run) because I'm flying home to Michigan Friday evening for a quick weekend trip.

My plan was to wake up very early Saturday morning and run on campus before the family festivities begin, but then I found out it will probably only be 12' at that time! If I haven't told you before, I have a self-imposed minimum temperature limit for my runs - 28'. So this will be well below my limits! Since I don't have access to a treadmill in Michigan my only option is to wake up at 4:40am tomorrow morning so I can be at the gym when it opens at 5am and get my 7 miles in before work. This also means I'll be taking two rest days in a row (Saturday and Sunday), but it will probably be good for me (and my leg). If I have time, maybe I'll walk the length of the Delta terminal in Detroit a couple times to get some exercise (it's like a mile long)!

So, as of now, while I'll miss a cross training workout, I still plan to get all my mileage in for the week, just not in the same order as the plan dictates. But, life happens and I can make the plan work for me. Next week I'll be back to the plan Mr. Higdon so graciously devised!
  • How flexible are you with your training plans?
  • Do you have a self-imposed temperature limit? (hot or cold)
  • Do you ever do long runs before work? Are you exhausted by the end of the day?
Today's workout -
4mile run
3x12 leg press
3x12 cable press down
3x12 hammer curl
leg kicks and squats with resistance band
foam roller


GI Jane said...

I trained for my half during work and school(both full time) and all kinda of other craziness. I learned to be flexible, run when I could, cross when I could. The most important staple(I think) is long runs on the weekend. Don't stress too much about it.

Run with Jess said...

I've learned to be flexible on the training plan. It's important to listen to your body... and the longer I run, the more in-touch with it I am.

I used to have temperature limits...nothing under 30 and no snow, but I busted through that this past winter. In the summer though, I do run early mornings to avoid the heat. I have to be done before hubby leaves for work at 6am, so it's E.A.R.L.Y. Sometimes I'll nap with the girls in the afternoon! But regardless a 4:45am wake up call requires an early bedtime!

chris mcpeake said...

I am not very flexible at all. Every time I try being flexible I end up missing workouts. The only exception is if I am hurting .. then its rest time

JLT said...

i am not good at flexible but i have to be.

i try and knock out my workouts in the am and yes i am exhausted by 5 pm. snacks and good food (yogurt/pb etc vs. say just bread) helps me get through that. and i do coffee at 3 pm.

i dont run outside if there is a heat advisory/air alert. its jsut dumb. it hurts your lungs. i wont run if its icy (stupid to get hurt) but i dont care about the temperature as much... i've run in 'feels like 0' many times...

KT80 (Running Like a Girl) said...

I try to be flexible with myself, but I always feel bad when I don't complete what I have for the day's training.

Jenn said...

I am CONSTANTLY changing my plan! I try to hit the key workouts but I'm shuffling days all the time!

I pretty much don't run outside below zero anymore. I'm not as tough as I used to be:) My longest pre work run has been 14 miles. I haven't done that forever!

Great job with the training, glad you're allowing yourself some flexibility. Hope your leg is OK!

Lisa said...

@kt80 & @chris mcpeake - when I trained for the marathon I was not flexible at all and that came back to bite me big time - with a broken foot! Slowly, I'm learning. I used to feel bad if I didn't do what the plan said, but now I've realized I have to go with the flow a little more.

@Jenn my leg is feeling better. Hopefully no problems tomorrow during my run! Wish I could wear compression socks to work ;)

B.o.B. said...

Flexibilty is key in my training. Life does get in the way and sometimes you gotta switch things up just so you don't get bored! Listen to your body and you'll be just fine.

Penny said...

I am not a very flexible girl. If I dont get it done the the am it usually is not going to happen. Be careful with your leg pain.

Anonymous said...

I could definitely be more flexible with training plans. It definitely benefits most people to be pretty flexible with them - life always gets in the way at some point!

I've done long runs before work and it has been ok! I've actually had more energy - extra endorphins!