Monday, March 21, 2011

The Finish from Above

I decided to forgo my workout Sunday to walk over to Chambers and the West Side Highway to watch NYC Half Marathoners cross the finish line!

My hope was to see Meb and Kara race to the finish, unfortunately, neither of them won, but Kara did come in third! And while Meb didn't place in the top 5, Galen Rupp, a 24-year old American, running his 2nd career road race and first ever half marathon came in third for the men! Not a bad showing for the Americans!

I got to the finish pretty early and found a great spot on a pedestrian bridge right past the finish line! It was really cold, but definitely worth the wait!

The view from my perch. Waiting for the runners!

Mo Farah of Great Britain wins in 1:00:23
with Gebre Gebremaria right on his heels (1:00:25)

American Galen Rupp finished 7 seconds after the winner - 1:00:30

The top men were all smiles!

While Meb finished in 15th place, it was still an incredible 1:02:52!
The men's race was incredibly tight!

Caroline Rotich of Kenya won the women's race in a quick 1:08:52

The women put out a great race with Edna Kipligat coming in second, finishing in 1:09:00 and
Kara Goucher (above) crossing three seconds later.

Goucher celebrates with her husband and 6 month old son!

It was really a cool thing to watch the finish from above. A big crowd had gathered by the time the men were a mile away, so there was a fun, excited vibe going on. Not long after watching the women finish I gave up my spot to a a woman who were there to watch for her friend; it was more important for her to get that great view than me! I was thoroughly charged up by the experience. I stopped by Whole Foods to do a little shopping and loved seeing all the runners in the neighborhood as I walked home. I'm totally pumped and can't wait for my first 'big' race on May 1st.
  • Do you like watching races as much as you like running in them?
  • Do you follow elite runners?
Saturday's workout -
5 mile run
leg strengthening exercises
foam roller
lots of stretching

Sunday's workout -
walk to/from race finish (approx 2 miles)

Today's workout -
4 mile run
3x10 lateral arm raise
2x10 side squats
forward, side & back kicks with resistance band
foam roller


Anonymous said...

I watch some of the big marathons on tv or the internet (boston, new york, chicago). I love seeing the finishers and love love love when there is a close finish with first and second. Nothing like a sprint to the finish

misszippy said...

So great that you got to get out there and watch! I love to watch racing, especially when elites are involved.

Copychic said...

How neat you were able to see the finish! :) What a great experience.

3:59:59. Bitches. said...

Awesome pictures!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

those pictures are fabulous!! How fun and motivating!!

and I swear I thought I saw Meb out on the LA marathon course on TV...but appears I was wrong!;-)

Christine said...


J said...

So jealous you had an awesome spot to spectate!!

Anonymous said...

what a great perch you found! And how exciting you got a shot with Kara, Adam and their little guy! I definitly like running in races more, but watching this one was exciting, even if I didn't see the finish.

JLT said...

I think I shouldve headed to the finish line. I watched the elites at m4 (closer to home) and while I found it to be amazing, it wasnt as cool as say the marathon. I havent spectated in forever, so I think that may be part of it!

Run with Jess said...

I love watching races! I always make funny signs to make the runners smile. Actually I'm always amazed at how many runners talk to me... as a runner myself, I hardly ever chat w/spectators... maybe I should more!?
I follow elites somewhat... I like Kara and Ryan Hall... but pretty much whatever I read in RW or clips online.

trifitmom said...

i love watching races ...

Susan said...

Wow, what a great spot to see the finish line! That's perfect. :)

I love watching big races and following the's so exciting! Watching the NYC Marathon was so exciting and I screamed my head off for hours. Such an inspiration to watch all the people running. :)