Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blueberry Recharge

Woody is the one who typically makes smoothies in our household. He's been making them as long as I've known him, but for some reason I've never really gotten into it, even though sometimes I do crave one. It's really because I like to chew something and have always preferred to eat my calories rather than drink them. BUT, I decided on Saturday that a smoothie was what I needed.

Really simple and healthy. If I can put this together, anyone can!

Blueberry Recharge Smoothie

ingredients (makes about 8oz)
1/2c original unsweetened almond milk
1/3c non-fat plain Greek yogurt
half frozen banana
1/3c frozen blueberries
1/3c frozen mango
1tsp ground flaxseed
1tsp chia seeds
dash cinnamon

1. Put the almond milk and Greek yogurt in the blender first, then add other ingredients. Mix until well combined, pour into a cup and enjoy!

To satisfy my need to chew and add even more protein, I had two hard boiled eggs along with the smoothie (one minus the yolk, but aren't they a beautiful yellow?!). 

I was actually pretty impressed by how well this turned out, being one of my first smoothies. Woody even liked it! I have a feeling I'll be having a lot of these as the weather gets warmer!
  • Do you like smoothies? What's your favorite combination?
Today's workout -
6x800 intervals
plus 2x800 warm-up and cool-down
foam roller


ALFIE said...

this looks so delish!!!

and can i comment again on how much i love your nyc half marathon pics??? your camera's zoom is fabulous!!!! so much fun to be a little part of it all!

Lisa said...

Thanks Alfie! re: camera - we just splurged on it for Christmas and still figuring out all the perks of it. I was absolutely amazed by how great the zoom was on Sunday! Glad you liked the pictures!