Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Going On?

I'll try to make this short because it has absolutely nothing to do with the usual topics of this blog. If you just want running news, head to the bottom of the post. (I won't blame you if you do!)

Last night on my way to Zumba, I was running a bit late because I had to wait quite a while for a 6 train. When I got off at Grand Central to get the 4/5 the crowd on the platform was huge; 4-6 people deep. The first train came and I knew I wasn't going to get on. I looked down towards the next car and there were just as many people trying to get on. All of a sudden I noticed a woman stepping into the car and I knew something was off. Next thing I know I see hands against her pushing her back off the car. She stepped back on. Again, she was physically pushed off. Seconds later a fight broke out; she was punching the woman who pushed her and the woman was punching and pushing back. It seemed like eternity before some guys stepped on and pulled them apart. I couldn't believe I was witnessing a fight between two grown women.

Yesterday morning I saw YouTube footage of a fight at an IHOP restaurant. A few weeks ago it was footage of high school kids beating up on a Burger King worker who was trying to stop a food fight. And how many times have we seen video, taken by teenagers and posted on YouTube of group beatings of other teens?

What is wrong with us? Why are people so pushy? Why are people so defensive and angry? So determined to get somewhere fast that they don't care about human decency. That they don't have any respect for anyone else. I admit it, sometimes I get frustrated on the subway after a long day of work when I'm being pushed around so people can stuff themselves onto the car. But that's only if I'm already on the car, because I can't stand being packed like a sardine and I'd rather wait for the next train than get pushed around. Why are so many people looking for a fight? Where did things go wrong?

We don't have hands to hit, voices to curse, and feet to kick. I'm really disturbed by how people can be so hateful. Isn't it exhausting to be mad all the time?

Maybe we all need a little more yoga and a few more early morning runs in our lives. A few deep breaths each day. I much rather spend my time laughing and making good memories.

Okay. Rant over and onto a happier topic. Today was my first speedwork session for my 10-miler training. It went pretty well, I think. I've never done speedwork on my own and definitely never on a treadmill. I came up with a plan on how to tackle it and went with it! I started with my usual 0.15mile walk to warm-up, but then did 1 mile at 6.2m/hr pace. Then I started the intervals. 4x800 was on the plan for today. Between each half mile interval I jogged for a quarter mile (or one lap on a 400m track). After the intervals were done I finished up with another 1mile cool-down run and 0.15mile walk. If you're wondering, I came up with 0.15miles for my warm-up/cool-down walk distance because it helps warm up my legs but it doesn't take up too much of the time I have in the morning. Overall, I think this workout went well. I'll push the pace a little next time (in two weeks) but I also have to add another repeat! Next Wednesday is a tempo run. Tomorrow calls for an easy 2 mile run, but I'll probably do 3 or 4 miles.
  • Do you prefer to defuse or ignore a tense situation?
  • Walk away or confront?
  • Do you do speedwork intervals in your training?
Last night's workout -

Today's workout -
1mile warm-up
4x800 intervals
1mile cool-down
lots of stretching


J said...

I agree - people are always in such a hurry and are never courteous of others! It is just sad. Great job on the intervals!

Kate said...

With my students, we work on conflict resolution. In real life, I'm more of a walk away/ignore person.

Speedwork is one of my favorite kinds of workouts and the only time I don't mind being on the treadmill. It's fun to push myself for short distances and see how fast I can go (granted, it wouldn't be so fast for other people, but it's fast for me).

Anonymous said...

When I do treadmill runs, I usually do some speedwork just because I get so bored otherwise.

misszippy said...

Civility is definitely a thing of the past and it's a shame! That had to have been tough to watch.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Hi there,
oy. those videos would make me down right depressed. It's funny bc ever since having my lil' twins, I can't even handle any sort of disrespect and human unkindness. It just kills me.

but glad you had a good workout;-)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

people BLOW my mind. I kinda felt like that in a meeting today, all of a sudden people were yelling and I was like what is happening...let's all jsut take a breath

way to go on your speed work!!

SueMac said...

Our society is so sad..... I hope my girl never treats people rudely. Why aren't parents teaching their kids how to act? It makes me crazy. Since I work in a school, I have no problem correcting kids that talk rudely to me. I hope if their parents aren't doing their job, then maybe my words will stick with them.

Penny said...

I hate it when people act that way. I would walk away. I dont like to confront people, it just pisses them off more, than you dont know what the heck they will do.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

How embarrassing, right? Women can be so caddy, but at the same time, so can men, obviously. You would think by now women would be mature enough not to fight, especially in public (unless there are cameras rolling, HA!) but nope, I'm not surprised you saw this, especially in NYC! Ugh.

gracekelle said...

This actually happened to me recently too! How strange! I actually was pushed in the middle of it, but luckily some men stepped in to separate them. Seriously??? There's no excuse for this kind of behavior.