Friday, February 25, 2011

5 for Friday

I hope you've all had a great (short) work week and are looking forward to the weekend! I know I am! ;)

1. @maleciawalker shared THIS interesting link with me the other day through twitter. It's a racetrack for hill workouts in Spain! Perfect for runners in areas that are flat as a pancake. From the pictures though, this area seems to have plenty of hills, but perhaps it's just where the designers live and wanted to give it a try. Anyway, I thought it is a pretty cool idea.

2. Woody and I are going to the New York Times Travel Show tomorrow at the Javits Center. Other than the long hike we'll have to take to get there from the subway, I'm really looking forward to this! We're making travel a priority, since we both have many places we want to visit during our lives, so we thought this would be a fun event to go to. First on our list, this year, is Philly (for the race), North Carolina and Seattle. Then, who knows! Maybe we'll decide on Saturday!

3. If you're in NYC next weekend, you might want to check this out, if only for the high quirk factor. The Nutropolitan Museum of Art!, being promoted as the world's first PB&J art exhibit, will take place March 4th through 6th. Apparently you get a free jar of PB&Co peanut butter (while supplies last) and another will be donated to the Food Bank of New York as well! The idea originated with Lee Zalbin and Peanut Butter and Co is a main sponsor.

4. Have you ever been online, clicked on a link, and gotten one of those annoying 404 error messages that the page no longer existed? Well, some companies actually have a sense of humor and have added a little art to these pages... I'm guessing with the hope that you won't be quite so annoyed that they've taken the page down. Mashable put together a great collection of these pages HERE, but here's a preview from their site....

5. Two food related items for you:
a) Michael Pollan is working on a second installment of his amazing book, Food Rules, and is asking for help. If you have a favorite food rule you'd like to suggest, submit it HERE (deadline is February 27th).
b) Yesterday Google rolled out yet another new tool in it's vast online empire. Recipe View. Now when you search Google for a recipe you can click 'recipe' on the side bar and filter by ingredient, cook time and even calorie count to help you find the recipe that matches what you need the best! I haven't used it yet (since it just popped up yesterday) but if it works like they say it will, I have a feeling this will be really useful!

  • What's on tap for your weekend?
  • If someone (not me) offered you a free trip anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
Yesterday's workout -
3mile run
3x10 cable pull pushdown
3x10 cable twists
3x10 leg press
3x10 overhead tricep extension
3x12 upright row
3x12 hammer curls
100 jumping jacks
125 crunches
lots of stretching

Today's workout -
None. Rest day!


KT80 said...

Thanks for the heads up about Google Recipes. I think that will be really helpful for me!

Anonymous said...

oooh, google recipes! that's awesome. And, I've had that PB&J exhibit on my calendar for weeks (seriously). hehe. god I love peanut butter...

Rose said...

Recipe View looks AWESOME.

I would go to New Zealand. I've wanted to hit it up since the Lord of the Rings movies. It looks sooooo pretty.

Kate said...

Oh, google, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

I'd love to visit Ireland. Or Australia. Or Africa. Or St. Petersburg. Not to mention about a zillion places in this country.

Lisa said...

Wow, looks like Google hit a homerun with Recipe View! I can't wait to try it out, personally.

Mealsformiles, maybe I'll see you at the exhibit next weekend!!

H Love said...

you are so good at keeping track of your workouts! great job!

Karen said...

The new google tool is awesome!! Love that idea! :0) Have a fabulous weekend!

Romantic Dinner said...

Wow Nice idea for Google recipe. fantastic details shared in the post .thanks