Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ending On A Good Note

Well, we're finally having that big client meeting today that we've tried to have two other times this year but has been postponed due to the weather. Like all big meetings, it's a bit nerve wracking and I will be ready to relax at 4pm this afternoon!

Yesterday was a tough day. For some reason I was starving all day long. I typically have just a small amount to eat before we head to the gym because we go so early and right after we wake up, so I had a small handful of raisins and peanuts along with water. I was hungry as soon as I got home so I had a dried apricot before showering. Then, breakfast like usual and by the time our bi-weekly 'breakfast club' came around at 10am I was hungry already, a mere two hours later! The trend continued most of the day and I ended up snacking way more than usual because I really was more than just a little hungry. I drank a good amount of tea and water throughout the day as well, so it wasn't just that I needed to drink more water. It was quite annoying.

I made it out of work and to the gym in time for Zumba! I haven't gone since the first time nearly a month ago. I was struggling a little for the first few routines but then got into the groove. The class was packed, which I imagine is a weekly occurrence, but there was a woman in front of me who has obviously been doing it for a while, so I was was able to watch her whenever I couldn't see the instructor. I told her this, and she seemed to be a little flattered. Thankfully she wasn't weirded out! The class was great and once I got into it, the time flew by and before I knew it we were doing the cool down. I've scheduled this class in my calendar and plan to go each week. It's a great way for me to have some fun, let loose, get fit and expand my fitness horizons!

Thankfully I wasn't as hungry after class as I had been all day. I was planning to make a TJ's frozen veggie pizza (we always add tons of veggies on top) but instead decided to have a big fresh salad instead and let Woody enjoy the pizza and take the leftovers to work tomorrow. In my bowl: lettuce mix, hericot verts, broccoli, corn, squash, zucchini, a laughing cow cheese wedge and pear. It was just what I needed!

Salad success!
Woody and I woke up for the gym this morning and when we heard the freezing rain hitting the windows then watched the weather forecast on TV, we decided pretty quickly we didn't want to start our day dealing with that mess and went back to sleep instead. The subways are all running local so it's going to be a long ride to work this morning. Fun stuff! Is it spring yet?

How do you like to rebound from a 'hungry day'?
Do you ever add fruit to your salads?
How's the weather where you are? Did you get a snow day today?
Last night's workout -
Zumba class

Today's workout -
None. Weather-related rest day.


Lauren said...

I LOVE Zumba, it is a really fun way to mix up the week! As for the day after a "hungry day," I try to eat normally and add a few extra fruits or veggies in.

Good luck with your meeting!

misszippy said...

That salad looks great. We here in Md. have been pretty lucky this year. One big snow (8 inches) but all the rest have headed your way this year (sorry!)

Barbara said...

Love to add pears and dried cherries . Cherry Republic is a good source if you can't find them at a store near you. Also , love Laughing Cow wedges. They've saved me many a time.
Snowed in here in Okemos , Mi. Smow day for both of us. Can't remember the last time this happened.

gracekelle said...

I commend you for going to Zumba. I tried it once and have never gone back. While I had a ton of fun, I didn't feel that I was as good as all the other women. Ha! I should get over that or else I won't be able to do anything in life :)

Hope the meeting went well.

Pinkhatrunner said...

I to hate it when I have those days when you end up eating all day long. The next day I try to get back on track by making sure I eat 3 balanced meals and two healty snacks. Not that it always happens, but I try. I do like to put mandrain oranges in my salad sometime with a poppy seed dressing yummy. The weather stinks here to. I need some good running weather soon.

Rose said...

I love fruit in my salad. In fact, I'm trying to think of any fruit I wouldn't eat in my salad, but I can't think of any.

Romantic Dinner said...

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Molly said...

that salad looks so refreshing! Sometimes I add strawberries to my salad.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Have a great day : )