Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sportswear Review: GoGirl Sport

Back in December Susan, from Go Girl Sports, contacted me to see if I'd like to try out a piece of the workout wear from their line. I took a look at their website and thought they had some interesting designs and to give it a try. Specifically, the Vortex v-neck top.

About the top (from the site): designed to maximize both form and function. Stylish contrast stitching adds a subtle touch of flair to our white performance T. Mesh panels provide superior ventilation and an added touch of style. Seams are sewn flat and offset from areas that are prone to chafe. Moisture wicking fabric ensures you'll stay cool while working up a sweat.

Sporting the Vortex V pre-workout and still looking sleepy!
Initial thoughts: the weight of the top is pretty good and the fabric felt really soft and like the good moisture wicking pieces I have. The big logo on the back near the neckline is a bit large, but the overall design is pretty nice. Somehow in my decision making I didn't realize how sheer a lot of the top is. See the right side of the top below the pink line? That's all mesh! It's also like this around the back a bit and on the left shoulder. It's a bit more revealing (especially at the tummy) than I normally go for. Thus, I opted to give this a try when I was working out in the gym in our building since it usually isn't too busy.

Thoughts after wearing: The top was really comfortable and didn't bother me at all while I was running on the treadmill, on the elliptical or stretching and lifting weights. When I wasn't super-focused on my workout, I was still a little self conscious about the sheer fabric but I understand how they would help with breathability in hot weather. I definitely didn't get too hot like I sometimes do when working out indoors wearing a short sleeve top. I did like the v-neck design as crew necks often bother me during workouts. Overall I liked the top and will definitely wear it again. I may take it with me to Florida this weekend to try out when I go running outdoors (since it will be warm enough that I won't have to wear 3 layers!).

Thoughts about Go Girl Sports: The company, based in Arizona, was started by two friends, who are both athletes and passionate runners, went live two years ago but has been their work for four years. Right now, I think the offerings are pretty limited in design, but they are planning to add shorts and capris this year. I'd love to see a few more styles of tops, too, as right now there is only one tank and the back is completely sheer. I did notice, as I was writing this, that they've added more colors from when I picked out the top, so that's really great to see. I do love that they're making comfortable workout wear and that they're doing what they love. So I wish them tons of luck and I hope you'll check out their Facebook page HERE.

If you're interested in trying out some of their gear, GoGirl Sport is offering you a 20% discount with this code: 20SHEGO.

On a different running note, if you're looking for a great way to spend your evening, Hood to Coast is in theaters across the country for a one-night-only screening. It's an inspiring new documentary that follows four teams with various levels of athletic ability on their epic journey to conquer the world’s largest relay race. After the documentary, a panel of expert runners, Olympians and running world giants will discuss their experiences participating in the Hood to Coast relay. Panelists include Mary Decker Slaney, Bart Yasso, Kenny Moore, Bob Foote, Director Christoph Baaden, and others. Go HERE for more info on the film and check HERE for tickets.

Are you going?
today's workout -
4mi run
.6mi warm-up/cool down
3x10 bicep curls
3x10 leg press
2x40sec planks


B.o.B. said...

Ooo I love new work out stuff! I'm gonna check their gear out. :)

ALFIE said...

will definately have to check out that company!!!

ps: will be back in NYC in march! we should meet up for coffee!!!

Emz said...

YAY gogirl!!

I love their clothing.

GREAT top!

stephchows said...

best way to reward yourself is through new gym gear!!

BrennanAnnie said...

Great minds think alike. I just wrote about my love or winter running gear yesterday. I think workout clothes are way underrated. What we look like when we are working out affects how we feel when we are working out.