Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So...How'd I Do?

As the 2010 ended I decided to lighten my load a bit by checking out of some of the many e-newsletters I receive each day and I said I'd be accountable for this by checking in two weeks later. Well, it's been two weeks. Let's see how I did!

AdAge Daily
Ragan's Daily Headlines
NY Times Media Decoder
ProBlogger Blog Tips
NY Times Today
TastingTable NYC
Vital Juice Everywhere
Vital Juice New York
Pop Sugar Daily Digest
Daily Candy
The Beauty Bean
Eat This, Not That
Weight Watchers
Hungry Girl
Healthy Bitch Daily
Runner's World
Women's Health Daily Dose
New York Road Runners
Living Social
And 1 (or 6) retailers and blog feeds

Okay, so it doesn't look like I've done that well, but I do swear that I have unsubscribed from quite a few. I have taken myself off the list for all but one retailer, which is a good start too. I'll continue to try and delete a few here and there and I'm definitely not going to sign up for any more. I don't mind when they ask for a little feedback, hopefully they use it to better their offerings, but I do have to say, some of these websites can be a little annoying when you try to unsubscribe. Like those who as you, more than once, if you're sure that you really want to unsubscribe, and that it wasn't just a mistake that you clicked that tiny link at the bottom of the email. Others send you an email confirming you are off their list and won't get more emails!

Did you also vow to declutter your inbox during the New Year? How have you done with it?

I didn't get to Zumba last night because I had to stay late at work (this is why I go to the gym in the morning!) to get ready for a client meeting today but then was cancelled late last night. Too bad the snow storm wasn't that bad afterall and the streets are clean.
today's workout -
50min/5.7mi elliptical


Lauren said...

Good idea to declutter your inbox. I need to work on that! I am surprise NYC didn't get much snow. Boston got hit pretty hard, everything is cancelled all over the city!

Lisa said...

Hi Lauren! Yeah, I saw on the news that the Boston area is getting the worst of the storm. We got 10 inches or so but the streets are pretty clear and no issues with mass transit! Took no time to get into work! Take it easy today!

misszippy said...

Good for you! I need to try that...