Monday, January 31, 2011

Keepin' It Movin'

My workouts have been going really well lately.

I joined DailyMile at the start of the year and have been using it to track my mileage and workouts since January 1st. I don't use all the social media aspects of the site, but I do like that I can easily see what I've done, record notes about my workouts and recognize any patterns that might be occurring. I haven't been including my strength training though, which I probably should do.

Like many runners, I really don't like running on the treadmill, but I've been learning to appreciate it. If I'm going to run Broadstreet well, then I have to increase my mileage and get a lot of miles under my feet and since we've been getting at least one snow storm a week since Christmas, I have to make friends with the treadmill. At least my gym has three Woodways that aren't as harsh on my feet.

Saturday was kind of strange though. I had a good 5 mile run Friday morning and was hoping to do another 5 Saturday. My stomach felt a little uneasy before I left for the gym, but not too bad. After my normal warm-up routine of dynamic stretches and .15mile at a fast walking pace, my run started pretty well. I had to pause the machine three times though (2m, 4m, 5m) to hydrate. My congestion was kind of bothering me but not too badly. I ended up running 5.5miles and felt alright. Then I wanted to do a little more cardio and headed over to the elliptical. On my way over though, I felt a little uneasy again and not long after I started up, I had to stop because my stomach was so upset. It was not a good feeling at all, but at least I wasn't out running with no bathroom nearby! It was really strange as I'd never had this happen before. I did start feeling better though and decided (after a few minutes of internal debate) to head back out and do a little strength training and stretching. The rest of the day I felt pretty good, thankfully, since I met April for brunch at a great Israeli restaurant out in Brooklyn. Well, I felt good till I heard she ran 9.5 miles that morning!

Our bathroom on a typical Sunday afternoon. Does this look familiar?
My run this morning was pretty good. I did another 5 miles but could have gone longer if I had the time. This week, if all goes as planned, in addition to my regular workouts, I'm going to finally get back to Zumba and then I'm meeting Grace and Kether for a Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp class! I have mixed feelings about this class. I'm really excited to try something new and challenging, but I'm slightly nervous about how intense it's going to be. I know Grace loves it though, so I definitely want to try it!
  • Do you use DailyMile?
  • Did you work out this weekend or race?
  • Have you ever had a stomach ache cramp your workout style?
  • Do you have a love or hate relationship with the treadmill?
Saturday's workout -
5.5mile run + warm-up & cool down
1mile elliptical
3x10 leg press
3x10 hip abductor
3x10 hip adductor
3x12 seated row

Sunday's workout -
5.5mile elliptical
3x10 hammer curl
3x10 tricep kickback
3x10 lat pull down
3x10 upright row

Today's workout -
5mile run + warm-up & cool down


Barbara said...

Good thing you like the treadmill. Another storm's brewing. Looks like a long Winter this year. There wasn't even a January thaw. It's really bad when our -4 wind chill this am doesn't seem bad at all.

Michelle said...

Definitely have a love/hate thing going on with the treadmill....but like you said, with the weekly storms, I'm learning to just embrace it!

Kate said...

Your bathroom picture made me laugh. That's much what ours looks like!

I use Daily Mile. I like being able to track what I do, and it's helped me meet a few people in my area to run with and ride with to races.

I did a 10 mile run in the snow this weekend. Good thing I got that exercise, because the rest of the weekend was spent sitting in a gym watching my son play volleyball.

Stomach troubles have been a problem a few times. Not frequently, thank goodness. It's a tie between being thankful for nearby bathrooms and wishing no one else was around.

Hate hate hate. I may have to deal with it today, though, since we're getting a coat of ice on the ground as I write. Bleh.

Jennifer said...

I do use daily mile look me up I love seeing what others are doing, it motivates me... sometimes. HA! ***never mind I just went and found you. ;)***
I loved my treadmill until I found out that it was deceiving me by making me think I was doing so good and running so far and then tried to run off it and died! Now I call it the deceiver and I try to avoid it but unfortunately with all this freezing cold MI weather I have to use it or I don't run.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oh stomach issues, seriously not compatible with a good run. I have gotten to really like the mill for speedwork!

Lisa said...

Sounds like I'm not alone in regarding the treadmill as a necessary evil! Can't wait till Spring!!

Julie D. said...

way to go, lisa! you are killing it. btw, in comment to your post garlic press is my favorite kitchen tool!! :)

Kirstie said...

Do you use DailyMile? Yes, started using it last year. I like it for the same reasons you do. It's nice to see all your work at a quick glance. Many in my running group have started using it and we have created monthly challenges to keep us motivated throughout the winter.

Did you work out this weekend or race? I ran
5.5 miles on Saturday and 13 miles on Sunday.

Do you have a love or hate relationship with the treadmill? I don't mind the treadmill infact I enjoy it sometimes. When the weather is just too much, say like -7 degrees like last weekend, the treadmill is perfect. Also good for when I miss a group long run and I don't want to miss the run all together. I did 16 miles on the treadmill at the gym 3 weeks ago. I actually had it in me physically and mentally to go longer but had to stop to go home and take care of house stuff.