Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long Hours, Sweet Treats, & New Ads

I was supposed to go to a happy hour fundraiser last night for our local Michigan State alumni association scholarship fund. Sparty was there. Woody was there. I was at my desk at work, neck deep in a budget mess (one that I didn't create but have to clean up). I got home pretty late and have to be back at work early today for a 2.5 hr creative meeting. Fun stuff! At least I have the Michigan State basketball game tonight at Madison Square Garden (part of the Jimmy V Classic) to look forward too! It'll be a really late night, but hopefully it'll be a great game! 


I found something at Trader Joe's the last time I was there that I'm now in love with! It was love at first sip!

Yes, that's Candy Cane Green Tea! Because it's decaffeinated it's the perfect night time treat so I can still enjoy a little sweet treat without the calories. It's great and exactly what I was hoping it would be. If you go to Trader Joe's or have one nearby, I definitely recommend giving this a try.


Have you received your January issue of Runner's World yet? If you have, no doubt you've seen the fold out Vibram FiveFingers "You Are The Technology" ad. At first I was a little shocked. (I guess that's the best word) Most runners are fairly used to seeing people in little clothing, but this is pretty cutting edge and risky for a running shoe ad; running shoe companies tend to show people racing through beautiful meadows or on urban streets in ads. This one does make total sense for the product and they're clearly illustrating that Vibrams are different from other running shoes. Go to the website and after it "removes the technology" you can either choose the man or the woman to read the Vibram manifesto. The company has taken pretty interesting approach to their first print ad campaign, but the microsite really isn't very interesting. I feel like they're trying to capitalize on shock appeal, but after the first look, it's not really shocking. According to Ad Age, in 2006 Vibram FiveFingers sold 10,000 pairs, this year they sold 1.5 million and they expect to double their sales next year. Not to bad considering they haven't done any traditional advertising. I just hope that all those 1.5million people are being careful and not rushing into using them - they're supposed to help, not injure! We don't need a fad hurting our running partners! I'm not sure this print ad and site will do much more for their sales than the word of mouth that has spurred on the trend so far.

 Do you wear Vibram FiveFingers? Have you seen this ad? What do you think?
today's workout -
47minutes/5.25mile elliptical
3x10 weighted side bends
3x40sec planks


Karen said...

Oh my gosh that tea sounds amazing!!!!

I don't wear the Vibrim shoes but I did see the add! I flipped through the magazine really fast looking for Disney Marathon adds (that's my usual routine) then I read the whole thing later! LOL I've never tried them before and I don't think I could run in them...but then again, I've never tried them so who knows! :0)

Ann Brennan said...

You know I think the ad is too static to make you want to buy the shoes. If they had done the naked in a clever way and showed the athlete in a more active pose, it would have been more effective. Personally, I like naked athletes in ads, when it makes sense and is done tastefully.

Anonymous said...

I saw a few people wearing those at the seattle marathon and I thought they were insane. Then again, I finished just in front of a guy who ran the whole thing barefoot. His feet were absolutely destroyed.

Copychic said...

I've wanted to try Vibrams or something similar. I have several friends who are barefoot runners, including one who is designing a minimal shoe to be released next year (check out skorarunning.com) and I've got to say...there is something to it.
The Vibram ad was really interesting!

J said...

I was shocked too by the ad in Runner's World!

And now you are making me wish there was a Trader Joe's near me so I could pick up some of that tea! Sounds soo good and perfect for evenings when I need something hot to warm me up!

Julie D. said...

I'll have to go get some of that tea this week! yum! I have been madly turning my house upside down to find my magazine. I have no idea where it went and I haven't even opened it yet!! Urrrr. Now you've peaked my interest.

See.Kate.Run said...

Thanks for the tea recommendation! I am always looking for new things to try at TJs. :)

I have seen those shoes around. I heard they feel amazing. I wanted to try them out.. I am not that into using naked people to advertise but that is just me.

Nice post! :)

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I wear Vibrams about half the time when I run, and I love them! They were interesting to get used to - you shouldn't just jump into running 5 miles in them or anything. And if you're a big heel-striker, running in them (or barefoot) is a real adjustment. But the more I wear them, the more "unnatural" running shoes feel, to be honest!

I did see the ad last night while I was reading the mag (love my Runner's World!) and I wasn't shocked. I think it makes sense, since their whole philosophy is that 2 million+ years of evolution has created our body to run...that IS the perfect technology!