Monday, November 15, 2010

Too Much?

First, a running update. I had two fantastic runs over the weekend! The weather was absolutely perfect; I can't imagine better Fall days. It was 47 degrees each morning when I set out for my run. Since I don't have running tights (I'm working on that, any suggestions?) I wore capris with compression socks. A bit odd looking, but felt great. My legs felt really good and not a twinge in my right calf at all! There were quite a lot of people out running and walking. The sun was shining. Really, that is what running is about!

Oh, and I made the banana, peanut butter french toast for Woody Saturday morning. And as I expected, he loved it! It will definitely make a repeat appearance in our apartment!

Okay, so, the Chocolate Show. It's like Halloween, Christmas and Easter all wrapped into one. Let's just say I ate a lot of chocolate Sunday afternoon. I love chocolate, but I was really done by the time I left! Woody gave me the challenge to find him something good with chili peppers in it. In the past few years, chili peppers have been a popular addition to chocolate, but this year I only found one or two bars that had it; I brought one home for him. There were a lot of truffles, organic chocolates and dark chocolate bars. Not a lot with nuts or fruits, but there was some. A few non-chocolate vendors like a winery, tea shop, coffee, Rums of Puerto Rico and a booth selling all sorts of books about chocolate and cook books. There were also a bunch of demonstrations, including some by contestants of Top Chef: Just Desserts. Of course, my two favorite local places where there: Jacques Torres (favorite chocolate chip cookies) and Peanut Butter & Co (favorite PB and brownies!).

My real reason for going was to the Chocolate Show was to hang out behind the PB&Co table giving samples of peanut butter and selling 6-packs and peanut butter pretzels! I had a great time with the PB&Co crew, who welcomed me in and got me going fast! It was a whirlwind of PB lovers and PB skeptics. It was awesome to see the look on people's faces when they felt the kick from The Heat is On or were just overwhelmed by the sight of 10 peanut butter flavors in front of them! Dark Chocolate Dreams was the best seller but we ran out of Bee's Knees first.

the Peanut Butter lineup! 
best brownies in the city! (two came home with me)
I was paid in peanut butter and brownies!

 organic, dairy & gluten free, vegan and raw chocolates. and they were really good!
 love Jacques Torres, although I managed to resist buying a cookie!
more truffles
one of the demonstrations

By the time I got home I was in desperate need for some real food. Thank goodness this only happens once a year!

How was your weekend?

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Saturday's workout -
5mile run
lots of stretching

Sunday's workout -
5.5 mile run
lots of stretching

Today's workout -
47minute/5.15mile elliptical
3x10 lateral raise
3x40sec each planks


Copychic said...

Chocolate show and your run sound amazing. Chocolate is always the best way to end a weekend :)

stephchows said...

yikes that is a lot of chocolate! AND PB!!!! I wouldn't have been able to control myself!

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

Wow that show sounds awesome. Love PB & Co, I wouldn't mind being paid with their products at all. Cinnamon raisin is my fave.

hbobier said...

Woah. Chocolate overload! You're lucky you got to hang out with all the peanut butter, too. Sounds like a great weekend!

And running tights, not like I'm an expert, but I got an awesome $11 pair from Wal-mart. I'm not kidding. I'm not sure how warm they'll be through the winter, but they're awesome right now.

(Oh sure, now they go on sale for $9. I might pick up another pair.)

Molly said...

you must have had a ball with all that peanut butter! My fave Jacques Torres is his chilli friend lives in the apartment next door to him!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

How have I lived without your blog this long:) I will be spending my lunch break reading through previous posts!
That chocolate show sounds absolutely amazing! I love love pb & co! Congrats on your two great runs this weekend!

Zaneta said...

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!! Especially with chocolate!! :)

Barbara said...

Sorry Jacques Torres branch in Traverse City closed , but owner there was moving. Couldn't it be managed long distance ? A Dylan's Candy Store just opened at Grand Traverse Resort. That's pretty much out of the way for most TC tourists. Wonder how long it will last. Would proably be better off on Front Street.

Susan said...

I don't usually run in tights until it hits the 30's...or even 20's. I have a pair of Under Armour tights that I LOVE when it drops below 25-ish. They're soooo warm! Definitely recommended. Above that, I have a thinner pair that I wear from some super cheap brand from Sports Authority that I've had for like ten years. (Okay, I think I need to go shopping.) But for when it gets COLD, Under Armour is worth every penny.

The Chocolate Show looks amaaaaazing! Annnnd I love peanut butter in every way, shape, and form...are you involved with PB&Co?