Saturday, November 6, 2010

INGNYC Marathon Expo

As I had planned, I ran 5.5 miles up to the Jacob Javits Center this morning to get to the expo. It was pretty cold, but blue sky. Unfortunately I was running into the wind for the entire run. This can be exhausting, even when the path is flat. There were a good number of runners out, but less than usual. I did see some who looked like they were out loosening up before the marathon tomorrow. I felt a big urge to wish them all luck, but didn't since they looked pretty focused and I didn't want to sound crazy if I was wrong and they aren't running.

On my way up the West Side Highway I noticed a police car in front of a few UPS trucks. At first I thought it was some sort of security issue, with the recent cargo scare and all, but as I got closer I noticed there were quite a few UPS trucks lined up. It dawned on me that these must be the trucks going over to Staten Island for the marathon! (UPS is a sponsor, runners put their bags in assigned trucks at Ft Wadsworth and pick them up at the finish line). It was literally a parade of UPS trucks and almost each one had a kid in the passenger seat. I'm guessing the drivers were able to bring their kids if they wanted to.

All in all my run was pretty good. The wind was annoying and my legs were cold but my upper body was warm, so that was a little uncomfortable. I was carrying a few more things than usual (like a reusable bag, my bberry and money in my jacket pocket for the expo) so this also weighed me down a little. Still, I felt good and was glad to run on such a gorgeous fall day!

I got to the expo just after it oped and bypassed the number pickup line and went straight for the expo. Unfortunately though, I didn't take time to stretch and my legs are a little sore now. Anyway, there was hardly anyone in the expo when I got there! Lots of exhibitors, all the usual suspects like the apparel companies, Nissan Leaf (a sponsor), booths for races around the world, charities and gear companies.

I picked up some great info on races, a flashing light that I can wear when running in the dark, and a bunch of samples (gotta love Emerald Nuts!) I also got this awesome thing from the company that makes The Stick!

Looks strange, I know, but all of their things do, don't they? As soon as the saleswoman showed me how it worked and what it does, I was sold! It's a little miracle worker that I know both Woody and I will use quite a bit! It works similar to the stick, but puts pressure on specific areas and rolls easily. It can be used on legs, arms, pecs, feet, any muscle that aches and any pesky knot! It's small too, so can easily fit in a gym bag, suitcase or purse. I am in love!

Okay, I'm done with my sales pitch.

The subway was a mess and it took me forever to get home. I was too late to get to the bar to watch the MSU game with Woody and instead made a very late breakfast that was incredible! I tried something new and will post the recipe next week, so be sure to check back!

Can't wait for the marathon tomorrow! I hope you're having a great weekend!
today's workout -
5.5mile run


Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

sounds like the expo was awesome! you sold me on the stick!

Kristy @ KristyRuns said...

Good luck tomorrow! You're going to rock it!:)

Barbara said...

Going to the Expo with you last year was quite an experience. The place was crazy by the time we left. We met so many great people from all over the World. I still remember meeting a woman from Scotland who was hoping it would be cold. She was used to training in cold rain! The photos afertward of the runners crossing the bridges were so surreal even though we were there among the 2 million viewers. It certainly helped to have a plan for seeing you along the course. Have fun spectating at the Finish Line !

shannon said...

I was at a race this summer that handed out flashing lights for wearing during low light situations. Great idea, I run a lot of county roads and never thought of wearing a light to be more visible. Have a great time at the marathon!

Jill said...

That little stick sounds great - I think I could use that in a few sore spots. Have a blast tomorrow spectating, I bet it's an amazing experience!