Friday, November 5, 2010

5 For Friday: NYC Marathon Edition

Happy Friday!!

1. The marathon expo started yesterday and runs through Saturday evening. While I'm not running, I'm still hitting up the expo. This thing is pretty intense and can be overwhelming. It's held at the Jacob Javitz Center each year, which is probably one of the only places that's big enough, but it's kind of a pain to get to since it's as far west as possible in midtown. Still, it's a great place to learn about races all over the world, new running gear, charities and a ton of other things while breathing in the excitement of the marathon! My plan is to use my Saturday morning run to get there so I'll arrive just around the time it opens. I'm hoping to get there before the huge crowds arrive. We'll see.

2. One reason why I'm uber-excited about the marathon and being a spectator on Sunday is because of these guys!

Woody and I are going to be cheering from the finish line grandstand! Before I ran the race, I always watched from 1st Ave since I lived only a few blocks away. It's a huge party there. I'm not really sure what to expect in the grandstands, but I can only imagine it's going to be awesome to see the elites, and all of the runners, as they are in the home stretch!

3. Yesterday I read a great blog post about being a race spectator. Erica, who is running Philly in a few weeks, will be spectating the NYCM this Sunday, but this is a great post for anyone who is going to watch a race of any length! The posters and suggestions are perfect. I really couldn't say it any better, so I'm just going to send you over to her post to check it out. I think my favorite poster says "Your Feet Are Hurting Because You're Kicking So Much A**!" I'm going to remember that when my foot starts hurting next time!

4. Last night I made a random, but very tasty, dinner. Woody was coming home late so I was on my own and didn't know what to make. This is what I ended up with
One egg & one egg white with steamed kale, hummus and a piece of the Six Point Ale bread. It was perfect.

5. While I will never claim to be a fan of baseball (although I will go to games with Woody and enjoy them) or know much of anything about the sport, it would be a shame for me not to mention the passing of the legendary baseball manager, Sparky Anderson, who passed away yesterday. After managing the Cincinnati Reds, he moved to Detroit to manage the Tigers for 17 seasons, the most of any in the team's history. Woody has been a Tiger's fan forever, as has countless others, and Sparky Anderson is a part of the memories they've collected over the years. Here's a nice tribute by the Detroit Free Press.

What's on tap for your weekend?
today's workout -
10.25mile bike
2x40sec planks
foam roller


Jenn said...

I'm jealous! You've not only run the marathon now you get to spectate it! I just love the expos and being at the big races! I was just reading through your "about me" section. You really have a great story! Hope you have a great weekend!

misszippy said...

How cool to have those seats for that race! I"ve been in NY for the expo is a GREAT one. Get some good stuff!

hbobier said...

Wow, I'm so jealous that you get to watch the finish line! Just think about all the emotion you'll be able to witness. (Wow. I sound like a creeper.) Anyways, have a fantastic weekend, girl!

TallGuySurfing said...

That's awesome you got grandstand tickets! Maybe you'll see a world record in the making! Have a blast!