Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in Review

The weekend was almost a blur. A busy, athletic, fun and tasty blur.

It started Saturday morning when changed up my normal routine and instead of going for a run on my own I headed to a local Sports Authority store. April had invited me to join her at an Asics/Sports Authority sponsored event Saturday morning for a 5 mile group run. I immediately agreed but then Saturday morning I started having doubts. April is fast (really fast) and I am not. I was worried that I would be the slowest and finish by myself. Probably around 15-20 people showed up and there was a nice spread of bagels, fruit, coffee and water waiting for us. It was an out and back route - 5.5 miles in all - along the Hudson River. April was sweet and hung back with me on the out portion and then went ahead on the back. There were about 6 others who had a similar pace so I stuck with them. The way back north was tough since the wind was vicious yesterday. My hat actually blew off my head, thankfully I wasn't right by the river at that point and it didn't go far so I was able to get it. We were pushing hard into the wind and it turned into a bonus strength training session! The whole time I was pushing myself harder than I would have on my own, so I am definitely glad I went. It was a good test for my legs and lungs.

When we returned back to the store the food (which was hardly touched before hand) was still waiting for us along with goodie bags that included an Asics baseball hat, watterbottle, gloves, and winter cap, along with a coupon for Sports Authority. Two women won free Asics shoes in a raffle, too! I wish I had taken a picture, but afterwards my mind was focused on getting home so I could get ready and head to the bar to watch the MSU/Illinois game.

The Spartans won, 26-6, and are now 7-0. It's the first time MSU has been 7-0 since 1966. We may be smelling roses come January 1st!!
After the game we headed straight to the Grub Street/Hester Street Fair Food Fest I mentioned in my post on Friday. Well, as expected we got there a little too late. The place was absolutely packed and quite a few vendors had already ran out of food and packed up their booths. Woody had his heart set on a smoked meat sandwich from Mile End and after waiting in the long line for 15 minutes and getting to be five from the front, they ran out. We ended up getting an Indian wrap of some sort from Gloria's I & II filled with a potato mixture, spinach and pumpkin. It was perfect! I'm so glad I ended up with that because it was warm and delicious. A bit messy but I miraculously didn't get any of it on me!

We saw a woman eating a fantastic looking dessert and found out it was from an Aussie restaurant, The Sunburnt Cow: small sponge cakes with strawberry jam between the two layers wrapped with a thin chocolate layer and covered with coconut. Yep, heaven on a paper plate.

We made our way through the crowds and headed home. I didn't need more than a piece of fruit the rest of the day. My stomach was very happy. I just hope next year they use a bigger space and the vendors bring more food!

Sunday morning I met up with Grace and Kether for yoga at Lululemon. I haven't been there for a few weeks because of the GOGI 10K and my trip to Minneapolis; it was nice to stretch out for an hour. After yoga we stopped by the apartment to show them our new place and pick up Woody to go to the Fulton Stall Market and the New Amsterdam Market.

We picked up some great things like brussel spouts, apples, pears, an acorn squash, rolls for dinner and our favorite nordic bread. Right when we got home I used the nordic bread to make a light meal since I'd only had a cracker with peanut butter and raisins before yoga and a banana after. I paired the egg sandwich with one of the apples we had also gotten at the market and a coffe from around the corner. Yum.

Dinner Sunday night was pretty low cal and healthy. Low Sodium butternut squash soup from Trader Joe's, salad and the rolls from the market. It was a perfect cool weather Sunday evening meal! The soup wasn't very thick because it doesn't have any cream, but it was really good. I love butternut squash soup and the fact that it was low sodium, low cal and still tasty was fantastic. Woody approved too!

And we finished the weekend watching the BCS Countdown special on ESPN (MSU is ranked 7th - ahead of Ohio State! - in the current BCS standings) and enjoying my first attempt at making brownies using just a mix and a can of pumpkin!

How was your weekend? Did you run? Pick out pumpkins? Rake leaves in your yard and jump in the pile?
today's workout -
10.25mile bike
3x10 cable pull side twists
3x35 second planks on bosu ball


La Historiadora de Moda said...

It sounds like a great weekend! The group run and fair sound great! I think I'll have to snag some of that TJ's soup next time I'm there!

I did a little work, ran a 10.5 mile run, watched some football, and my spouse and I had one of my colleague's and his wife over for dinner on Sunday. All in all, a good weekend.

Tanya said...

Congrats on the run!! I had a 5K this weekend (1st trail race), and did a fair like you - pumpkin fair :-)

Barbara said...

Sounds like a busy weekend ! Go Green ! Looks like we're past the Rose Bowl according to the predictions and in line fort bigger bowls. Altho , to a Big Ten person there's nothing like the Rose Bowl except a National Championship Bowl.
Gerald Butler was at MSU this weekend . At midnight Madness with Izzo and them the game. We missed it all , but a visit with family and new baby in Mn was worth it.

Envirosafeone said...

Sounds like a delightfull weekend! Starting, of course, with an early morning run :) Perfect mix of run + food too!

I Hope to see MSU + OREGON at the Rose Bowl game. #DUCKS and ROSES go so well together ;) Except when #NITTANYLIONS are in play!

hbobier said...

What a fun run! I'm glad you went even though you were nervous you wouldn't be as fast--that's a common concern of mine, too.

I'm also loving the butternut squash from TJ's. It's a little too sweet so I can't have a huge bowl at a time, but it is a delish treat. :)

Jenn said...

Great looking food! I LOVE Lululemon! I wish we had one around here. Looks like a great weekend!

Nicky said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm LOVING the BCS rankings right now, #4 Auburn! WDE!

How'd the brownies with pumpkin turn out for you? I make them with just the mix, and a can of black beans (rinsed) blended with a can of water. They're a hit every time!

Jennifer said...

I'm running! I can't believe it. I started a program called 5k 101 and I am on week 4. I am so excited about how well it is going.

five fingers said...

that was a great weekend! Looks like you really had fun..Great! More power and good luck on future runs! :)