Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hi! This is going to be super quick because we're about to take my nephew to pre-school and then explore the little town of Excelsior, Minnesota while he's in school. I head back to New York this afternoon and have had a great visit here.

The Fall colors are beautiful, but the weather has been really wacky since the high each day has been right around 80 degrees! In Minnesota. In October!

So, I'm still eating very little dairy, right? Every now and then I'll have a small piece of cheese or a tiny bit of milk in my coffee. Well, yesterday I decided to have some ice cream with this awesome apple crisp we picked up from the AppleHouse. BAD IDEA! Around 1am I woke up feeling miserable. My stomach was so upset I almost thought it was food poisoning, but I know it couldn't be. The only possible cause is the dairy. Now this makes me sad cause I love ice cream, but, like I mentioned last time, at least now I know that dairy does bother my system and I should stay away from it. For the past two weeks I've been trying soy milk in my coffee, but then realized that doesn't agree with me either after a while. I learned this before with soy crisps and was hoping milk would be different. Guess I have to stick with the almond milk - too bad coffee shops don't offer it!

I had everything ready to go for a nice run this morning but my stomach problems put the kibosh on that. I still feel a bit off and did not want to risk being out in an area I am not familiar with and get bad stomach pains.

I did go for a short run the first morning I was here though. Tip to house guests - if you want to get in a bit of exercise and want to be a good house guest, offer to pick up bagels at a relatively close by shop one morning for breakfast. Then run to the bagel shop and enjoy a brisk walk home. It let me get a workout in first thing in the morning and help out!

Okay.... time to go! Hope you're all having a great week and congrats to all the Chicago Marathoners!! I don't know how you did it in that heat!

How do you get in your workouts when visiting friends or family?
today's workout -


JLT said...

ugh i think dairy bothers me too but im denial. i love cheese!!!

i sneak in early am runs when i'm away with family. it sets a good tone for my day. and, as usual , am workouts make me a healthier eater!

mangiarebuonoviverebello said...

Have you tried So Delicious Coconut Ice Cream? Sooo good and dairy free!