Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I've been feeling a little less than top notch the past few days and took Wednesday off to rest and get this out of my system since I'm going to Minneapolis early Saturday morning to visit family (and meet my new niece!!). As part of my 'resting' I decided to limit my time on the computer since I spend so many hours in front of it - either at work or at home. Am I the only one who gets tired of looking at a computer screen every once in a while?

Last Thursday I went to a summit hosted by Google for work. Google's office (which has the most amazing cafeteria's - yes, more than one - and snack bars I've ever seen at an office) is right across the street from Chelsea Market. If you don't know, Chelsea Market is a great place for food in the city. There are restaurants, bakeries, an Italian specialty store, butcher, produce and fish markets and more. It also houses an Anthropologie, a good book store, and offices for a variety of companies including The Food Network. It's a good place to stop if you're in the city and now the Highline goes right by it, so there's another great reason to head over to the west side.

I decided to pick something up for dinner while I was there and ended up with two Tilapia filets from the Lobster Place. It's a very mild and easy to prepare fish. I still find salmon a bit more difficult to cook really well, but for some reason it's hard to mess up tilapia. Since I know some people are intimidated by the thought of cooking fish, I thought I'd share this easy 'recipe' today.

Kickin' Tilapia (for two)
2 tilapia filets
2tsp olive oil
Chipotle powder
fresh ground pepper
non-stick cooking spray

1. Spray a grill pan or skillet with non-stick cooking spray.
2. Prepare each filet with 1tsp extra virgin olive oil, a pinch or two of chipotle (to taste) and a few cranks of fresh ground pepper
3. Place filets on pan (or skillet) and cook on medium heat until cooked through

Easiest Veggie Side Dish Ever
1cup zucchini & squash sliced and quartered with chopped onion
2 large pinches of herbs de Provence
2 cranks of fresh ground pepper

1. Combine veggies in a microwave-safe bowl and add herbs and pepper
2. Cook in microwave for 1 minute, mix, cook for another 1 minute. Repeat until veggies are soft. Drain any water that might be in the bowl and serve.

The second side dish is the Trader Joe's Rice Medley, which we love and is incredibly easy to prepare as well (we don't use the butter they recommend and find it really tasty). By far, the rice took the longest to prepare but that's because it has to cook for 25 minutes after the water boils. The fish took no more than 15 minutes (prep and cook) and the veggies took no time at all. If you're nervous at all about cooking fish, I suggest you try this recipe. Feel free to leave out the chipotle powder and just use pepper; that's simple and delicious on it's own.

Okay, it's Thursday and that means I'm giving away a few more Chobani coupons. Today is the last day for the giveaway though, so if you want them, you better try now! To tell you the truth, I'm surprised by how few people have entered the giveaways. I mean, it's one of the easiest giveaways possible (just answer the question and you're entered) and the winner gets free Greek yogurt! What's not to love about that? (If you eat dairy)

This week I'm giving away 5 coupons to one lucky winner. Answer this question by midnight (est) for your chance: What is you favorite thing about Fall?

The rules: only one entry per person, per week. You must answer the question(s) posed the day of the giveaway. Because the coupons don't specify they are only allowed in the US, anyone can enter (as long as you know they'll be accepted in your country). You must be willing to provide me with your address so I can send them to you and you must be willing to try Greek yogurt! Contest ends
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Good Luck!
yesterday's workout -
none. took the day off to rest.
today's workout -
10.25mile bike
3x10 bicep curls
3x10 hammer curls
3x10 front arm raises
ankle strengthening exercises


baker said...

awesome! i totally make a dish that's 99% similar! my variation is that I make homemade salsa fresca to top the tilapia with, it compliments the spice!

I also eat the squash zucchini deal like once a week. another variation on that, add it to some angel hair pasta with garlic and oil. said...

Found your blog today through Running to Slow Things Down.

My favorite thing about fall is the leaves. They get me every year. I just love looking out any window of our house and seeing reds, oranges, yellows, and purples. Beautiful.

Thanks for the giveaway - I love Chobani!

mangiarebuonoviverebello said...

If you want a new spin on your Kickin' Tilapia, try adding cumin and a squirt of lime juice. I promise it's worth a shot!

misszippy said...

Those sound like great recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Favorite thing about fall? Long runs with friends in perfect weather!

Michelle said...

My favorite thing about Fall is the crispness in the air and all things pumpkin!!!

Love the tilapia recipe. I am always looking for new ways to prepare fish!!!!

eatdrinkrun said...

Definitely the weather. Fall is my favorite season!!

Stephanie R said...

My favorite thing about Fall is the special joy that the weather brings to wearing cozy sweaters and comfy jeans.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

omg...i think i actually I'm actually in on this round...finally!

favorite thing about fall...the air. it's just wonderful;-)