Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Short and Quick

Lucky for you, the title refers to the length of this post. Today has been a blur. I meant to write this much earlier, but I obviously didn’t get to it and hope that someone will still get to read it!

The title also refers to my run this morning!

I went to the NYRR Learning Series lecture last night at the Hospital for Special Surgery (which happens to be in my old neighborhood) and learned a ton in an hour and a half. It was tailored for those in their last month of prep for the marathon, but I knew I could take away a few nuggets so I went anyway. Glad I did!

This morning I followed the advice of D.r Jordan Metzl and physical therapist Rob Maschi; both experienced athletes in their own right. They said there has been a good amount of research done that show a shorter stride and quicker cadence helps to relieve pressure from joints and may be better for runners than trying to alter foot strike, so of course I wanted to try this out! You know I’m on the hunt for something that creates better form and efficiency in my running and helps to stave off injuries (I’ve had enough of those!).

Well, the first few blocks, like always were a little creaky and stiff but once I loosened up I shortened my stride (it’s not too long anyway) and increased the turnover. It felt a bit strange at first but I got into a rhythm. I was definitely breathing a bit harder, but I was going faster! Every once in a while I would get the dreaded thought in my head that I was going too fast for being so far from home still, but then I’d push it out of my mind and keep going because I wanted to try this new method. The weather was perfect, a nice break from the last two days, and I cut about 4 minutes off my time for 5miles! I felt really good, too. I mean, really good. The kind of good from a run that keeps you going for hours! Even the grumpy cashier at Whole Foods and the masses of rush hour commuters on the 4/5 couldn’t get me down! It wasn’t a runner’s high, but it was pretty close. I am very proud of myself for pushing through – mentally and physically.


How is your wednesday going? Did you watch Biggest Loser last night? (no spoilers, I have to watch it still!)
today's workout -
5mile run
dynamic stretching


Morgan said...

Success indeed! Have you looked into beat per minute? When I got my gait analyzed at Playmakers they hooked up a beats per minute thingamabob and it helped me unconsciously increase turn over.

Barbara said...

Congrats ! I know you've been searching for answers.

Silly Girl Running said...

Congrats! :)