Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Let The Blogs Fool You

I read a lot of running blogs. And a lot of health blogs. Food blogs. And Healthy running food blogs. I get a lot of great ideas, support and inspiration from reading about the triumphs and tribulations lived by other people with similar interests. I never pose as a professional or expert when it comes to running, health, fitness or food. Rather, I try to help inspire other people through my experiences and the different things I’ve learned along my way to a healthy life.

As I was cooking dinner Sunday night (baked polenta, Russian kale, tomatoes and onion), I was thinking about all I had eaten throughout the day. Woody and I have a new sunday afternoon tradition of going to the New Amsterdam Market. The problem is, so many of the vendors encourage sampling their fantastic foods and treats. It’s a wondrous mish mash of flavors and textures. One that neither of us can completely ignore. I stay away from the meats and cheeses, but the breads, chocolates, and jams and chutneys seem to start calling my name as soon as we hit Fulton Street! I wondered if what I had eaten during the day was the right amount for running 6.5 miles that morning and walking around all afternoon. I'm getting pretty good at estimating calories and since I mostly eat fresh and healthy foods, I think I eat the right amount. But as I stood in the kitchen, making dinner and thinking about all I had eaten through the day, I also thought about all the blogs I read where the bloggers document their daily eats.

I think about food a lot, hoping that I'm fueling myself adequately for what I do (or don't do) each day to be healthy. Since I started reading blogs I found it very helpful to see what others eat - not just to find out what they eat (to get ideas and recipes) but also how much they eat. But you know what? That's not a good way to use blogs. Unless we spend every waking minute with someone, it's absolutely impossible to know how much energy someone has expended throughout the day and the day before, and how much they've really eaten. Our metabolisms are different and our genes are different.

So, to get to the point of my long story.... don't take what bloggers write to literally. I know a lot of you reading this are bloggers yourself, so I hope you don't take offense. I absolutely think it's helpful for people to share ideas on healthy meals just as much as it is to share workout suggestions and run recaps. But we all need to decide for ourselves what we should eat and how much of it will keep us strong and healthy. No one, sitting at a computer, can tell you what and how to eat.

Don't take us too literaly. Pick and choose. And offer your own suggestions while you're at it. That's the best part of this crazy world we all seem to exist in and love so much.

Now, I'm going to get back to my bowl of overnight oats!

today's workout -
(another day of rain. I'll run tomorrow morning instead)
10 mile bike
3x10 weighted side bends
3x10 tricep extensions
ankle strengthening exercises


sarah said...

Wise advice for so many things beyond food, as well! Blogs are opinion pieces, which is fine, but you know what they say about opinions...

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one!

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Definitely good advice! What works for one person doesn't always work for someone else due to many factors.

visiting from SITS

lindsay said...

I get tons of ideas/inspiration from blogs too. I sure hope no one takes me literally - they'd be on a diet of m&m's! :)

Ian Gallagher said...

i love reading food blogs. my life revolves around food! and running of course..