Sunday, August 8, 2010

Working it Out

Yesterday was the first NYC Summer Streets event for the year and also Lululemon's Salutation Nation. For the past two years, Summer Streets has been the one time of year I've been able to get Woody to run with me. Since I had to take my mat with me down to Bryant Park for yoga, running wasn't a possibility, but Woody still got out there for a run while I walked.

 Woody getting in a last stretch
 And....he's off!
 Walking down Park Ave. there weren't too many people out yet. It's busier later in the morning.
 There are free skate and bike rentals, they give out bike helmets and repair bikes and skates too!
 The crowd at Bryant Park for Salutation Nation
 The two guys were our instructors. Definitely a different class than I've taken before (they seemed like they could be indie DJ's by night who do yoga during the day) but it was a nice way to start the day.
My view from the Bryant Park grass!

Woody really enjoyed his run and as always, I was surprised and envious of how far he went: 72nd St to the Brooklyn Bridge, across the bridge, back and up to Union Square. That's a long way for someone who only runs a few times a year. He is very fit and athletic though, so I imagine that works in his favor. I don't know if I'll be able to run that far in two weeks when we go together since I've only gone 3.5 miles so far since my injury! His right knee and hips are aching a little today but not bad!

The yoga class was great. A little different than I've done before, which I like. There were a few poses I wasn't familiar with and it was definitely a vinyasa flow class that went at a rapid pace. There were fewer people there than I had expected - the grass was only about half full. Maybe it was a combination of being a summer Saturday in the city (many people leave town), the first day of Summer Streets (NYRR and Team in Training both had group runs). Still, people seemed to really enjoy it, both those who were participating and those spectating from the side!

I rushed home to cut up some fresh fruit so we could spend the afternoon with fellow Spartan alumni, incoming freshman and their families at a picnic in Central Park. We had great weather, great food and great company!
This cookie may not be very healthy, but it definitely has spirit!

Today my cardio workout was extra long. I did a 3.5mile walk/jog intervals with a couple minutes of cool down (at the rate I'm going, that took about 45 minutes) and then another 13miles on the stationary bike! I did a bit of strength training and stretching to round out my workout. My foot is feeling better with each run and I'm feeling more confident too! With the 3+ miles of walking I did yesterday plus the cardio today, I think I've had a pretty great weekend in terms of my workouts!

Are your workouts different on the weekend from the weekday?
workout stats -
3.5miles walk/jog
13miles bike
3x10 cable pull twists
3x10 leg press
3x10 squats
3x10 hip abductor
3x10 glute kickbacks


misszippy said...

How cool is that yoga session! You are so lucky to live in NYC where you have all these great opportunities! Glad you had a good weekend of workouts.

Silly Girl Running said...

Wow! This Summer Streets-thing is such a great idea! NYC is a great city to live in! :)

Amy said...

Thanks to your tip on Friday, I ran the "fun run" on Saturday. Definitely want to go back next week for some dumpster swimming!