Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Motivates You?

We spend hours each week running or working out. People often say things to us like "how can you eat so many vegetables?". We spend more time on our feet than in a car. We can push through aches and pains. We wake up to workout when people are leaving the bar. So, what motivates us to do all this?

I've been thinking about this quite a bit over the past few months while I've been unable to run. Why do I run? Why do I spend so much time at the gym? Why do I spend so much time looking for healthy recipes to try? Why am I working so hard to run again.

Many things motivate me.

Feeling good and strong motivates me.
A real sense of accomplishment.
The high I get from crossing a finish line.
The cheers of support from absolute strangers.
The idea of doing something I never thought I could.
A desire to take some control over my health.
Wanting to be better.
My family.
My future.
My friends.
The hope that I'll inspire one other person.
The chance to learn more about myself.
The opportunity to learn more about life and living.
The possibility of improving.
Wanting to help the environment.
And sometimes, PB&J on a pumpernickel bagel or a Jacques Torres cookie!
But really, the ability to enjoy life and feel good motivates me to be healthy.

Now, I admit, I am not always perfect. I'm not close to being perfect when it comes to eating healthfully, but I try. I'm not the fastest runner and I probably will never win a race. But I still love to run. The benefits far outweigh anything else.

What motivates you to workout, to run, to eat healthfully?
workout stats -
10mile bike
3x10 cable pull push downs
3x10 leg press
3x10 weighted side bends
ankle strengthening exercises


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

No doubt, my daughters motivate me to be healthy. Not only do I want to keep up with them, but I am modeling their future behavior. Have a great run! Saw you at SITS today.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

For me, eating healthy and exercising is a way of taking care of myself. I have come to a point where I truly believe I deserve to feel good - physically and mentally - and embracing a healthy lifestyle makes that happen.

Great post! :)

Silly Girl Running said...

Just knowing that I'm on track and healthy now, motivates me to go out there and run! Also, every upcoming marathon motivates me to run. And so does this the 60K I registered for. Wouldn't want to quit halfway on that one. ;)

misszippy said...

All great reasons you have listed. I am motivated by a lot also--sense of accomplishment; long-term health benefits; keeping the weight off; being a good example for my kids.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

Love your list.

And for me, I'll add it's my 'ME' time;-)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i have a friend movign to NYC so I pointed her to your blog because she's looking for running buddies! that's a pretty good motivator

Maureen said...

Trying to get as fit as I can. Now that I don't have coaches and teammates anymore it's more of a challenge to get myself to work out.