Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Morning

Good morning! Sorry I've been MIA the past two days. It's been a bit crazy but I'm back!

This morning we woke up for the first time in our new place. It feels a bit like we're in a hotel. Very different than our old place.

Last night after work I had to stop by our old place to pick up a few things from the fridge and by the time I got home I was quite tired and craving a smoothie! Woody had a late lunch/early dinner because he had spent the majority of the day with the movers and didn't have time for lunch. I had no idea what to have for dinner, but I happened upon a health food restaurant right around the corner from our new building and found the smoothie I was craving!
It was a bit on the expensive side, but it really hit the spot. Organic strawberries, banana, brown rice puff cereal, almonds and green tea booster. Delicious. I didn't really have time to sit down and eat dinner anyway and we definitely did not have a place to sit down yet either!
Woody had made great progress during the afternoon and we got a lot unpacked last night. We were going to stop and relax since we were up till 1am Monday morning and then woke at 6am (5 hours is definitely not enough sleep), but that didn't happen. We worked on boxes until about 10:30 and then called it quits.

We unpacked most of the kitchen (very important) so I was able to put together a bowl for overnight oats. We don't have much in our fridge yet, but there was enough for this!

After skipping our workout Monday morning we wanted to do something today but knew we also didn't want to wake up at our normal 4:50am so we decided to try the gym downstairs. Much better than what our old building had but I'm not convinced yet that I can give up my gym membership (especially since my new company has a discount with my gym that I have to check out). I spent a half hour on the elliptical, did a very brief strength training session and stretched a good amount (no foam roller here though). Still, I got a decent workout in this morning and it was just downstairs!

Okay, breakfast time.
First Morning Overnight Oats
1/2cup whole rolled oats
3/4cup water
1tsp ground flaxseed
1tsp chia seeds
1/4tsp cinnamon
2tsp Trader Joe's salt free smooth peanut butter
1tsp organic cinnamon apple sauce
10 raisins

1. combine oats, water, flaxseed, cinnamon and raisins night before.
2. morning of mix in the rest of the ingredients prior to eating so they can soak a little bit
3. enjoy!

It was delicious and a great way to start my day. Tomorrow I may start it with a run around the new neighborhood! Ok, I'm off to work!

the view from our bedroom.
What is your favorite type of smoothie?
workout stats -
30minute elliptical
3x10 lateral row
3x10 hammer curls


Barbara said...

Glad things are progressing so well. Interesting view. The lights at night must be beautiful.
Nice to be able to just go downstairs for your workout.

abbi said...

Glad to hear things are going well...moving is always so stressful!

Molly said...

that smoothie sounds great...hope you get settled soon!

J said...

Yum Smoothies! I haven't had one in a while! Hope you get everything unpacked!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

When my daughter and I moved into our apartment last September (after leaving the only house she had ever lived in) it took about a month before we both said it didn't feel like we were in a hotel any longer. LOL.
HOpe the unpacking goes well.

Alisa said...

I'm super excited about my house but sometimes I think about how cool it'd be to be in a high rise in NYC.

Love the new view.

Smoothies are yummy but expensive---why is that?

Kristy said...

Your smoothie sounds great! What a view, happy unpacking!! :)

SueMac said...

What a great view!!!

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

Can't wait to hear more about the apt! Must be weird but also fun running in a new neighborhood. Definitely take time to explore.

Lauren said...

Your overnight oats look good. They are a great post workout!

lindsay said...

what a view! hope you settle in quickly and easily. unpacking... so fun...

Julie said...

yay for new apartment!!!! Hope you guys are settling in well :) Hopefully I'll be able to make a trip up there soon and check it out for myself!