Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Banana Soft Serve

I don't have a favorite flavor of ice cream or soft serve, but more than likely I will choose a flavor with a good amount of chocolate in it! A few weeks ago though, I came across a mention of banana ice cream on The Healthy Tipping Point and knew I had to read more. I eventually ended up on Choosing Raw reading this recipe for Banana Soft Serve.

This just sounded too easy to be true. So I had to try it! And I did last Friday after our last home cooked meal at our old apartment. Reading through the comments on the post, it seems there are quite a few variations on this theme, but I wanted to keep it simple first time around.

Banana Soft Serve
2.5 frozen bananas
2tbs vanilla soy milk (or as necessary)

1. Freeze bananas (broken in pieces) for a few hours
2. Put bananas and soy milk (or almond milk, cows milk, etc) in food processor and blend until it's the consistency of soft serve. Stop to scrape the mixture off the sides when necessary and also add more liquid if it gets clogged up.
3. Serve and enjoy!

Of course, I had to add a little something: peanut butter and chocolate sauce!
It was delicious and I'm definitely going to make this again. I might try a variation though, see how it goes!

I had planned to go out for a run this morning, but things changed when I woke up to steady rain. Instead I went to our new NYSC gym that's only two blocks away with Woody. It opens at 5:30am instead of 5am like our old one, but they actually let us in a few minutes early (we didn't estimate correctly how quickly we'd get there) and another guy was already getting on a treadmill. I was also planning to go to Trader Joe's on my way to the office, but it's just raining too hard and I don't want to deal with all the stuff and my umbrella. I'm feeling a bit blah today because of the rain and coolness we've had over the last few days. I really hope it's better tomorrow and I can get out for a run to energize me. My workout this morning wasn't the best, but I still got there and got moving!

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
workout stats -
11.5mile bike
3x10 overhead tricep extension
3x10 lateral side arm raises
3x10 cable pull pushdown


Forward Foot Strides said...

Oh cookies and cream! I'm also like ice cream sandwiches, yum!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Ha ha, I meant, "I" also like ice cream sandwiches. I don't think I'm like ice cream sandwiches at all. Well, maybe a little bit.

Lauren @ said...

I tried to make banana soft serve once and it didn't turn out very well. Maybe I will try your variation soon! I know I have been hating all this rain!!!

Barbara said...

Oh , just give me the very unhealthy Buckeye Blitz ice cream ( peanut butter with peanut butter cups) and hot fudge at the MSU Dairy Store in East Lansing , Mi or Moomer's Cherry Jubilee with hot fudge outside Traverse City , Mi. If I'm indulging , I'm really going for the grest ice cream. Moomers was voted Best Ice Cream on ABC Morning Show a couple of years ago.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I love making banana soft serve! I really should do it more often.

Silly Girl Running said...

Is there anyway I can make this without the banana? I'm kind of allergic to bananas.......

Jon said...

I LOVE banana ice cream, especially gelato. I lived off of it in Italy once!!! Thanks for the recipe!

Lindsay @ said...

I am mint chocolate chip all the way, but I do love the banana soft serve. I eat it almost every night.

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

I've been seeing that recipe in the blog world for awhile now but still haven't made it. I tried freezing a banana once but then did nothing with it haha.

Angela said...

yum, i think i might have to try that! i don't eat a lot of ice cream (maybe twice a year) but i used to LOVE ben and jerry's half baked. it's heaven on earth :)

keens shoes said...

Wow!This looks very delicious.I'm craving for it now.Wanna try it by myself,hope I can have the same result as yours.Nice one!Thanks for the recipe! :)

vibram said...

Now I'm starving for this.. Yummy!