Friday, August 13, 2010

5 For Friday

I am writing this from the Bolt Bus on our way to Boston. We have an appointment at a historical museum at 9am tomorrow to learn about our ancestors (I think this museum may be in one of our ancestral homes), so I doubt I will have time to write in the morning. My sister is really into genealogy so she has the first two days of the trip all sorted out between historical museums, an inn and cemetery's. Intriguing, isn't it?

While I'm in Boston, I wanted to leave you all with a few little tidbits, so let me get to the point.

1. Woody and I saw this book when we visited the Frick Collection a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful collection of all of the parks in the concrete jungle we all love, New York City. The Garden Guide: New York City tells you where, when, and how to see beautiful gardens. From the well known (like Conservatory Gardens in Central Park and Wave Hill in the Bronx) to small, hidden gems between apartment buildings people walk by every day not knowing there is an oasis right behind that wall!

2. If you've been watching the news or reading the papers lately, you probably heard about a recent study that confirms what physicians have been seeing for several years: girls are hitting puberty at a much younger age (some as young as 7 years old) than years ago. Researchers haven't been able to determine the cause(s) but some have cited rising rates of obesity and chemicals as possibilities. This is a hugely important issue for everyone to be aware of because it brings to light underlying issues that may be affecting us all, just in different ways.

3. The much anticipated movie, staring Julia Roberts (have you noticed that Pretty Woman has been on TV a lot lately?), is opening Friday. Yes, "Eat Pray Love" the film version of the book I recently reviewed by Elizabeth Gilbert will be in theaters everywhere. You can be sure that I will see this as soon as possible! Unfortunately, given the next few weeks, that may be when it hits Netflix.

4. I found this article on today. It seems GapKids (and other kids apparel stores, I assume) are now selling 'skinny jeans' for babies! If you ask me, there are all sorts of wrong going on here. I know the little girls have no idea they are wearing 'skinny' jeans, but just the thought of 'skinny' being used to describe babies still in diapers is ludicrous to me. GapKids also have Jeggings (jeans/leggings) available for babies. Messed. Up.

5. Another article earlier this week was about kids going to specialty summer camps. i was very lucky to go to band camp (it was actually the very camp that the 'American Pie' band camp portrayed) for five years. I loved it, but it was camp. Cabins in the woods, communal bathrooms where you had to watch out for bugs, cafeteria dining... the works. Now kids as young as 11 and 12 are learning how to cook French food, going on culinary tours of France, tending to sheep in Upstate New York and more. I want to know if I can sign up!

What's on tap for your weekend? Are you racing? Traveling?

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Silly Girl Running said...

Love that Garden Guide! :) Have a great weekend!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Skinny jeans for babies is pretty disturbing, I have to say. I don't always pay attention to these things because I don't have kids (and don't plan to have any).

Enjoy Boston! I'm going to the Twin Cities this weekend for a meet up with some style bloggers. But first I need to get a lot of work done today.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

That GapKids thing is very disturbing...

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

I read that article. I grew up going to sleepaway camp and loved it. I had a reunion there last month. I also have been watching Huge on ABC Family which is about a weight-loss camp. Have fun in Boston!

NY Wolve said...

My daughter is coming home from camp today (so that is my weekend plans!.Bbut her camp is so spectacular (and it isn't a specialized one; just camp) that I would want to spend time there!

Christy said...

Have fun in Boston!!!!