Friday, August 6, 2010

5 For Friday

Well, hello there! It's Friday and great weekend weather is apparently on its way here! Definitely still warm and humid this morning, but I have high hopes for tomorrow! Yesterday was brutal, so it can only get better, right?

1. Next weekend my family (parents, sister, BIL, nephew), Woody and I are all converging on Boston for a long weekend trip to celebrate my Mom's birthday! Her birthday isn't until September, but because my new niece is going to be born a few weeks later, we decided to move the trip up to August. My parents rented a condo outside of the city because we're going to a few suburbs on Friday and Saturday to check out a historical home that our ancestor lived in and a few other family sites. None of us have been there before (the historical sites or Boston) so I'm very excited. If you have any favorite places in Boston, we'd love suggestions!

2. One more plug for Salutation Nation, sponsored by Lululemon, that is happening on Saturday. While that is happening all across the country (and Canada, I assume), here in NYC on Saturday is the first Summer Streets event for August. NYRR is having a fun run and there are even going to be dumpster pools set up in a few locations where you can cool off after your run or bike! There are always cool events, booths, and giveaways along the route.

3. A little food tip: I love tuna sandwiches. When I was little, we would douse the canned tuna with miracle whip and slather it on bread with some lettuce and maybe a few tomato slices. Well, since I gave up using condiments like miracle whip and mayo, I hadn't eaten tuna sandwiches in a LONG time. A few months ago I got a great tip from another blogger (sorry, I can't for the life of me remember which blog I read this on) and now I've been able to enjoy the occasional tuna sandwich again! It's super easy and a very healthy alternative. Just add hummus!

I used a spoonful of Trader Joe's hummus, a pinch of ground cumin and a crank of pepper. Then, I spread a laughing cow cheese wedge on the sandwich flat added lettuce from the farmers market and I had a great lunch! I was a bit nervous the first time I tried this, but now I wouldn't go back!

If you missed my posts last weekend, I shared a few meal ideas for breakfast and lunch/dinner. All healthy and fresh!

4. A few interesting articles from the Wall Street Journal this week that you might find interesting. a) A study shows that elevated LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, in young adults can mean a greater chance of having calcium buildup in arteries later in life, which is a cause of heart disease. To me, this proves what many people have thought for quite some time: just because you're skinny as a young adult doesn't mean you're healthy. b) Another article about the salt hidden in our foods and the debate over the new, proposed, guidelines for recommended daily salt intake. Also, a reminder to eat fresh, whole foods as often as possible rather than things found in bright colored, plastic or cardboard packages. c) In anticipation of the fast approaching college football season, here's a look at the Big Ten welcoming a 12th school, Nebraska. I am definitely looking forward to a few great match ups in the years to come! Farm schools unite!

5. Woody and I are getting ready to make our move downtown. I found a moving company in Brooklyn that has re-usable, self-closing plastic boxes that you 'rent' to cut down on packing supplies. I thought this was a great idea to make our move a little more 'green' even though I know we'll have a lot of paper and such to protect everything. We've been lucky, a lot of people move very frequently (like once or even more times per year) but we've been in our place now for almost 4 years! I'm not at all looking forward to the packing, moving and unpacking, but really looking forward to getting settled and exploring our new neighborhood. What do you like most and least about moving? Have you moved many times in your life?

That's it. If you're in town for the BlogHer convention, I hope you have a great time and enjoy our city. I'm sorry I had to miss out on it this year. Maybe next. And if you get to hear Heather Spohr (aka mamaspohr) talk, go see her!

expected workout stats -
20 miles bike
3x10 cable pull twists
100 crunches
ab work
foam roller and stretching


Kathryn said...

Awesome tip about the hummous:) Thanks!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

You may have just revolutionized my lunches. Tuna sandwiches may just make a comeback in my life!

Good luck with the move! I just finished moving for the thirteenth time in the past ten years, and I moved many times growing up as well. I hate the random bruises and the constant trips to the store to buy things you can't find/threw out accidentally, but I love setting up a new place and making a new home for myself.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

Can't wait to try tuna with hummus! Did you just use plain, original hummus? No special flavor, right?

Robyn @ Wannabe Writer Runner said...

Oh I love tuna, but have never made it with hummus. I've actually never been to Boston, so no recs there, but I'm going to check out those links you have on the post.

Silly Girl Running said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!:) Have fun on your trip, and I'm so gonna try out your tuna/hummus recipe for luch tomorrow! Sounds super! :)

Lisa said...

Katie - I used TJ's roasted garlic, which works really well I think, but I'm sure plain or any you like that doesn't have a really strong, distinctive flavor would be great! Let me know what you think!

JLT said...

i love moving, is that weird? I love cleaning out closets, I love packing, I love organizing.

I think it was just humidity and drinking. Sigh.

Amy said...

Ooohh! Thanks for posting the info about the Fun Run tomorrow!

NY Wolve said...

I find nothing good about moving..other than the excitement of being in a new place. It always takes longer than you think, and I bet you have more stuff than you think, also.

Maureen said...

Wow I love the hummus idea! The mayo always grossed me out! I never thought of that. I'm definitely going to have to try it.

Aunt Peggy said...

Ooh! Thanks for the tip on hummus with tuna. Since I love hummus anyway, it's definitely something I'll try--probably for lunch tomorrow! Enjoy Boston!!