Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Local

I'm writing a little late this morning since I make my weekly trips to the Union Square Farmers Market and TJ's on Wednesday morning after the gym. Since I went to the market today and was thrilled to see even more farmers and vendors out than two weeks ago with tons of veggies and fruit (yay for local strawberries and cherries!!), I thought about our visit last week to two farmers markets in Northern Michigan!

You see, Woody and I started a new tradition last summer - to visit farmers markets when we go on vacation whenever possible. This started in St Paul, MN when we were visiting my sister and her family last July. Then we went to two (one was absolutely amazing) in Montreal later during the summer and one in San Antonio in January. It's a great way to learn about local foods, directly support the local economy when visiting another town or city, and support a great tradition. There are lots of farm markets in Michigan - as seen in THIS awesome new publication for Northwest Michigan that can be picked up all over the area. We were able to stop by the Sara Hardy Farmers Market in Traverse City and the Suttons Bay Farmers Market on Saturday. Unfortunately this was our last full day up north, so we couldn't get much, but we still definitely enjoyed both of them!

The TC market is held in a municipal parking lot between the bay and the river that goes through downtown. It's a great space, packed with vendors selling everything from local strawberries and asparagus, to honey, homemade fudge, jams, salsas and other tasty condiments made with local fruits and veggies, cheese, delicious breads and baked goods, and a ton of flowers and plants. Even though it was chilly and overcast, the market was packed with locals and tourists! We wanted to buy a ton of things, but left with only a pint of delicious strawberries since we wouldn't have time to eat it all!

The market in Suttons Bay (about 15miles north on M22) was much smaller but we arrived close to closing time and some vendors had already sold out and packed up for the day. Still, we picked up a cinnamon roll made by a local bakery with local dried cherries to split the next morning and tried some interesting jams and an award winning salsa from Food for Thought. It's nice to see even small towns embracing the farmers market!

This morning I picked up a slew of things from the USQ Farmers Market - string and wax beans, sugar snap peas, cherries (they seem to be early this year), apples, a sweet potato, Swiss chard, a yellow squash and a bialy from Hot Bread Kitchen. Along with what I picked up at TJ's, I can't wait to get cooking!

What is your favorite spring/summer fruit or veggie? I love all the fruit - strawberries, raspberries, cherries! And I can't wait for fresh corn on the cob!

workout stats -
17.5mi bike
3x12 cable twists
3x12 lat pull down
3x12 weighted side bends (ea side)
3x10 glute kickbacks
3x10 hip abductors
foam roller and stretching


Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I love when people post about their farmers' market visits - love seeing all of the fresh, local food! I'm with you when it comes to local berries of all kinds and corn on the cob - so good!

Karen said...

I am addicted to farmer's markets! I love the whole process of these families growing or making things to sell at market. I only wish I had such talent! Strawberries and tomatoes are my favorites!

Tricia said...

strawberries and tomatos. yum!

grea tpics

Julie @ Pickley Pear said...

Tomatoes are my favorite! They taste so sweet and fresh during this time, nothing compares to in-season fruits and veggies! I need to venture out of Harbor Springs when I go up north (Michigan) and hit more local farmer's markets. I'm planning to spend a lot of time up there this summer!

Anonymous said...

this farmers market looks great!

abbi said...

I lover farmer's markets too! great, local strawberries are my absolute favorite. thanks for the comment on my blog about long run fueling!

Stacey said...

Love farmers markets, it's one of the best parts about summer.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ohh the farmers market is my favorite, it's the worst thing for me about moving to Miami... they really SUCK HERE