Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Off the Bored Train

I'm going to admit something this morning: I've been really bored at the gym lately. It began before we went on our trip and didn't skip a beat when we got back. I was hoping a week away would re-energize me, but that didn't seem to work. My problem is that I've been so limited in what I've been doing over the past 3 months (yes, 3!) that it's getting really old. While my heel injury continues to improve, the pain is still determining what I can do physically, which means I still haven't run!! All I really want to do is go outside and run, but I haven't even ran on a treadmill yet.

The stationary bike is getting old. I'd love to take a class, but cardio is out of the question and the yoga teachers at my gym aren't that great.. I decided last week to try the row machine one day for a few minutes to try it out. It wasn't bad; my biggest complaint is that there aren't TVs for the machines so your eyes end up wandering. I also need to figure out how the computer works so I get the most out of it. I wasn't sure if it would bother my foot, but yesterday I tried the StairMaster. That wasn't bad either! Since I don't put pressure on my heel, it seems to be okay. I did 20 minutes after my hr on the bike both yesterday and today. It really works up a sweat! I may try the Stairmill one of these days soon if one is free. I'm also trying to add a few different strength training moves into the mix, focusing a bit more on my legs. Perhaps strengthening those muscles will create more support for my foot. 

It's not uncommon to hit a plateau or to get bored when following an exercise routine. A key part of staying fit, challenging your body, and staying present in your workouts is mixing it up often. Usually that can be pretty easy - try a new class, try running (or run a new route), try a new cardio machine, start jumping rope, workout with a friend. Unfortunately, having an injury limits what I can do, but I'm finding a few things and will get that spark back! And hopefully, sooner than later, I'll get to start running again!

On another note, I made dinner last night for Woody and me. Nothing too special but these green and wax beans I bought at the farmers market are amazing! I mean, seriously amazing. I spray a skillet with a bit of olive oil spray, throw the beans in, add a few cranks of fresh pepper and cook for about 10 minutes on low-med heat and they are crunchy and delicious! I also baked chicken with Cherry Republic's Southern Rub Cherry BBQ Sauce and made a light slaw using TJ's broccoli slaw as the base and adding shreds of zucchini, yellow squash, dried cherries, and a dressing of lemon juice, evoo, pepper and a dash of salt (the dressing was a bit off, but I think it can be remedied for the leftovers). The chicken was really delicious. The sauce was great and it was cooked just right. Oh, and we had pears, too. Here's a picture of my plate - Woody's piece of chicken was a bit larger! One thing I've learned cooking for him, is that he needs more calories than I do, so I have to make sure his portions are a bit larger than mine. Oh, the joys of learning to cook for a guy!

How do you liven up your workout routine when you start to get bored?
workout stats -
13miles bike
20minutes StairMaster
3x10 tricep extension
3x10 tricep kickback
3x10 single leg cable pull standing crunch
100 crunches


chele said...

I try something new. Recently, I started a hot yoga class and it is wonderful and quite the workout!

That meal looks delicious.

Visiting from SITS.

Julie said...

Not sure if you have access to a pool, but I just started water running to try to keep up while my hip heals. I feel like a bit of a dork "running" with a floaty in the deep end, but it definitely produces the familiar quad burn without the impact. I'm also lucky that we have a new pool with TVs, so it helps with the boredom a bit!

Robyn said...

I feel your pain with the boredom. It plain old stinks. Can you do eliptical? The meal looks great, espeically that Cherry BBQ sauce!

Simply Life said...

If i get bored I usually just try doing a new activity for a little while -swimming, tennis, videos, etc. I like the variety!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

yeah a day or two of something new and I usually am happy to get back to what I was doing with a new intensity

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I was definitely in this situation about a month ago. I almost took a week off simply because I hated to workout! Now I have started to do more yoga (love it), walking, bike rides, and I even recently got my own elliptical!! That's awesome. I'm loving it.

Weightloss Center said...

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Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

When I get bored with my routine I usually take a class; just the act of having to pay attention so much more than I'm used to helps to break the rut. But obviously that's not really an option for you right now. :(