Monday, January 25, 2010

Setting a Routine

I'm following through on my word and posting my new strength routine today! Now, not all of these moves require weights, but all are meant to increase my level of strength.

I've broken the routine into 3 days:
A) Back & Biceps
B) Core & Legs
C) Triceps & Shoulders

Back & Biceps:
Lateral Pull Downs (using machine)
Seated Row (machine and/or resistance bands)
Bicep Curls (weighted bar or dumbbells)
Hammer Curls (dumbbells)
One Arm Lateral Row (dumbells)

Core & Legs:
Mountain Climber (using floor, bench or exercise ball)
Traditional Plank (floor and exercise ball)
Bird & Dog (dumbbell)

Side Plank (floor)
Lunge with Rotation (medicine ball)
Weighted Lunge (bosu ball)
Prone Hip Extension (bench)

Lateral Shuffle (with resistance band)
Weighted Step Ups

Triceps & Shoulders:
Overhead tricep extension (dumbbells)
Tricep Dips (bench)
Tricep Kickback (bench or exercise ball)
Front Arm Raise (dumbbells)
Internal Rotation (standing or exercise ball)

Obviously, the Core & Legs days will be longer than the others but because the abdominal muscles can handle stress more consistently than other muscle fibers, I can do some core work (regular crunches on the exercise ball, the pilates hundred, double leg & single leg stretches) on the other days as well.

I plan to do the Biceps & Back and Triceps & Shoulders exercises two days a week and Core & Legs one to two days. I will give myself a little leeway if I'm pressed for time and skip one or two of these moves, but for most part my goal is to stick to this plan.

Unfortunately, it looks like I have to wait until tomorrow to get this started. Woody and I woke up this morning to crazy wind and rain outside! It sounds like a hurricane! So, we decided to make today our 'off day' rather than force ourselves out in the nasty weather. But, I'll let you know next Monday how the first week goes!

Do you follow a strength routine or stick mostly to cardio? Do you focus on one or two muscle groups or all?


Jocelyn said...

I like all of the exercises you are planning on doing. Great plan of attack. I normally just work on upper or lower body on the machines. Boring i know.

Jamoosh said...

Nothing wrong with an off day!