Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling Good!

I had a stellar workout this morning at the gym. So good that I'm still feeling it a few hours later!

After an hour on the elliptical with a few extra minutes to cool down (thank goodness the wait lines at our gym are usually for the treadmills), I headed to to the weight area to put in a strength session. My intension was to get on a bike for the last 15 minutes (we usually spend about 2 hrs at the gym on Saturday mornings - yes, we are lucky to have the luxury to do that) but after a few minutes being sidetracked by a conversation with a 'gym friend' I hadn't seen for a while, I decided to supersize my strength session!

I have never had a set schedule for strength work - working specific muscle areas or doing specific moves on certain days or in a particular pattern - but I have decided today that I am going to change that. Now that I have more time to devote to the gym, I can emphasis strength training more! This weekend I am going to put together a weekly schedule, that I will share with you on Monday. I may need to tweak it a bit during the first week or two, but I want to stick with it and like every other goal, writing it down is the first step towards to making it happen!

Today I hit all areas really, but focused on my core. I did weighted lunges using the bosu ball, forward and side arm extensions, also on the bosu ball, overhead tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks and lateral row using the bench, crunches galore, held the plank for three times, 30 seconds each, and a lot more.

I really feel great after this workout and know that I've focused too much on cardio and must incorporate strength training into my workouts. Check back on Monday when I lay out my plan!

On a personal note, our new couch arrived this morning! This is HUGE for us because we had been using an IKEA couch I purchased when I first moved out here almost 6 years ago! Don't get me wrong, I love IKEA, but the couch was one of the compact ones that are more appropriate for a college dorm room than the apartment of a married couple. We purchased it from Pottery Barn in November and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival! To our delight, the delivery men came early so we've been enjoying it for a few hours now! It's amazing how much joy a couch can bring to ones life!

On top of a great workout and our couch arriving, the Spartans just miraculously pulled out a win over Minnesota in basketball and the sun is shining! This is a pretty good Saturday! Hope you're having a great day too!


Barbara said...

Nice couch.. I thought it was going to be a carmel color , but looks grey in the photo.
What a bball game ! I knew we would win at the end, but Izzo looked like he was going to have a stroke at the end. Wish they had interviewed him

Jocelyn said...

You're work out sounds awesome. Way to go and get a good one in! I need to hit up the bike tomorrow...and you reminded me that I should probably od some weights too :D I love Ikea's stuff! So great

Terie said...

Yay for great workouts!! I did the same yesterday and felt great. I like the new couch, it's fun to get new furnitre. I can't wait for mine to arrive from the states. After moving to GiTMO we've been living with loaner furniture and it's not very comfy.