Sunday, January 31, 2010

Body & Soul

Very late post for me, I know. Don't worry, I was up early as usual, just late getting to this.

I hit the gym for a quick warm up on the treadmill and then headed up to the 2nd fl for my biceps & back workout (see this post for details). Then I headed over to the annex location of our gym to try Urban Rebounding. Yes, I tried two new fitness classes this week. I think know this is a record for me!

In keeping with tradition, here's a quick review:

New York Sports Club - Urban Rebounding
1470 First Ave (b/t 76th &77th), 212.288.5700
$0 with membership
55 minutes long, reservation required

Expectations: I saw the Urban Rebounding sessions at the SELF Magazine Workout in the Park during the spring but that's all I really knew of it. It's a cardio workout using a mini-trampoline, possibly incorporating light dumbbells.

Studio: This class is taught in the annex studio around the corner from the main gym. The annex is in the basement of a building and consists of a studio for spinning classes, a large gym studio with high ceilings, a small lobby area and two very old, out of date and in desperate need of a renovation, locker rooms (well, I assume the men's locker room is in as bad of shape as the women's). Studio is equipped with yoga mats, trunks of dumbbells, steps, risers, mini trampolines and other equipment, I'm sure.

Instructor: The class was led by Kama, who also led the class before and yoga class afterwards. She was nice and energetic but didn't engage the students very often, didn't provide tips for first-timers (I wasn't the only one) and didn't seem to pay attention to the different levels of students. Not the bet teacher I've had, but not the worst, either.

Overall Impression: The studio was cold, so I didn't sweat much, but I think in a normal situation it would bring on a good sweat (which I look for in a cardio workout). Definitely a unique workout that reminded me of childhood jumping on a trampoline with my sister and friends. I can see how someone could get injured though, if not paying attention to where their placing their feet. Moves included jumping jacks, various kicks, 'bunny hop,' big jumps, twists, jabs, running, and a few others. Using weights would have intensified the workout but that wasn't provided as an option (or at least the teacher didn't mention it), but there's really only so much you can do on a mini-trampoline. I may try this class out at another gym with another teacher, but I doubt it will become a regular part of my routine. It was worth a try, for sure. Nice way to mix things up a little.

One thing is for sure, I did work up an appetite! So I walked home briskly through the frigid temps to make my breakfast - a nice bowl of oatmeal with banana and almond butter along with a great cup of coffee - the perfect warm up.

Gracela came over a few hours later for an afternoon of girl talk & a chick flick. Woody hung around for a bit then left to check out an interesting exhibit at the main library. Gracela and I decided to make a healthy treat and watch "Bride Wars" which I had in our netflix queue. (Okay movie, but wouldn't make my top 5 list of chick flicks. Glad I didn't spend money to see it in the theater).

First, we put together a small fruit salad with an apple, pear, grapes, and pineapple, to snack on. Then, we made another recipe from the 101cookbooks website. This time the Peanut Butter Krispy Treats. Pretty simple ingredients list: peanut butter, maple syrup, crisp brown rice cereal, agar agar flakes (found in health food stores), a little bit of sea salt (don't think this is really needed), and toasted pistachios.
 Basically, it's a 'grown-up' version of a rice crispy treat - without the butter and marshmallows.
We used all the right ingredients, in the right amounts (except for the salt, used half) but something seemed to go wrong.
They look like the picture and taste fantastic, but they did not firm up like I was imagining and crumbled as soon as we took a bite! Woody agreed with us when he returned that the taste is great, but definitely a bit messy. Gracela suggested putting it on top of yogurt, which I think is a great idea! I do want to try this again and see if I can make it work because I think these would be great treats for a party or gift. As long as you like peanut butter and pistachios, this is delicious!

I had a really great afternoon and was reminded, once again, about the importance of friendship. It's especially great to have a friend who shares the same priorities and ideas that I do, so we can enjoy simple things like a chick flick and healthy treats together! It's definitely important to take time every once in a while to 'check out' of the crazy, stressed out world we all live in and just have fun and exist. 

Now, I'm doing laundry and thinking about watching the Grammy's. Really. Some people do still watch it! (At least I'll watch Jeff Beck's performance. Imelda May is singing with him!!)

Did you find any time to 'check out' and have fun this weekend!? Oh, and just curious.


ajh said...

Time with girlfriends is the best. Sounds like you had a great day. I finally made time to see my neighbor this weekend whom I hadn't seen in awhile for a little shopping.

Marathonman101108 said...

Hey any chance are you running in the NY City Half Marathon in March??

Jocelyn said...

Totally jealous that you get all these cool classes! Sounds fun!

gracela said...

I'll have to sneak in and take the next Urban Rebounding class with you.

Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon. Next time, we can try the cranberry crumble in this month's Self Magazine!