Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Two Weeks

I finally got hold of my podiatrist today and while the CT Scan I had over a week ago doesn't show a fracture, he wants me to keep the boot on for another 2 weeks. I'm not too surprised, but pretty disappointed. Yesterday I had a few errands to run and since it was absolutely pouring, I couldn't wear the boot outside. My foot hurt quite a bit by the time I got home and I was not a happy runner. So, I'm sticking to the elliptical and the boot and won't get to wear the cute new matchstick jeans I just picked up from J. Crew for another two weeks. The one thing I'm really not looking forward to is getting on an airplane wearing the thing! We leave for Minneapolis in 10 days. Planes are tiny enough, my personal space is going to be even more cramped than usual! I hope my family doesn't mind my slowness over Christmas. I also hope that my foot really is better in two weeks because in 17 days we fly to San Antonio for New Years, the Alamo Bowl, and to celebrate Woody's Birthday! I definitely want to be able to enjoy the city.

I'm still planning on going to yoga Saturday morning but my eagerness to try Urban Rebounding may have to wait another few weeks. It is on a mini-trampoline, so the impact probably isn't too severe, but, I'm going to wait and see how I'm feeling come Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday morning I spent 55 minutes on the elliptical and today was 60 minutes. I'm definitely upping my cardio time this week. Hopefully that will help me out once I am able to run again. Thank goodness the elliptical doesn't bother my feet!

So, it sounds like today is going to be our last day of 'warm' weather for a while. We're supposed to be in the 50's (yay!) and then in the low 30's tomorrow. I know, even 30's are much warmer than where some of you are, and it is almost officially winter, so it's about time it turned colder around here! We might actually get snow here in the city on Sunday, which I'm looking forward to. It's beautiful in the park just after a snow fall!

Stay warm everyone and enjoy the season!


Barbara said...

It's very slippery here in Mid-Michigan this morning. There's a thin coat of ice on everything. Dangerous to walk on , let alone run .

Lindsay Rudolph said...

It's in the 50's here in VA, but anything under 60 means I am hittin' the treadmill. I wish I wasn't such a wimp about cold weather. I love running outside!

Visiting from SITS!

Lindsey @ EatReadRun said...

I have Urban Rebounding at the gym I go to as well and I love it. Your gym isn't Boom Fitness by any chance?