Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Have A New Black Boot

I did not have a very good start to my day. My podiatrist's assistant called yesterday to say my orthodics had arrived. He had a cancellation and an appointment available for this morning at 9:30am, so I took it right away. I could still hardly walk on my right foot this morning but hobbled my way to his office just a few blocks away from our apartment.

Not only did I leave with orthodics, but I also left wearing this hot new black boot for my right foot. And I get to keep it for a month.

It seems I fractured my 3rd and 4th metatarsals during the marathon on Sunday. I knew it was bad and am glad that I don't have to be on crutches (that would be miserable here in the city) but I am quite disappointed this has happened in general. Other than my foot, I feel really good! My muscles aren't sore, nothing else hurts, and if it wasn't for this foot, I'd be back at the gym tomorrow. Well, I still might be, actually. I am allowed to use the recumbent bike and weight lift, so maybe by December my arms will be ripped and my abs will be rock hard! I can swim too, but I'm not big of swimming and the closest location of my gym with a pool is a couple subway stops away - too far to go in the morning.

I had to cancel on the Goddess Day event with Step Up this weekend, the NYRR YPC fun run & brunch on Sunday, and the race on the 22nd. It's going to be a difficult month since I'm already eager to get back into the gym, but I know that I have to be strong and not push myself. I need my foot to heal so I can get back to it and not re-injure myself all over again. I fractured my left foot four years ago and was in a boot for a month then, but I wasn't quite as active as I am now. I'm worried about not getting enough exercise and also gaining weight. I guess I won't have the luxury of relaxing my diet for a few days after the marathon. I really need to pay attention to what I'm eating so I don't take in too many calories. It will be interesting figuring out how to adjust my training diet to my fairly sedentary lifestyle.

Have you had injuries before that sidelined you? What did you do to stay sane?

I did have an okay end to my day though, when I still had time to go vote for Mayor Bloomberg and it was the easiest voting experience I've ever had. I have high hopes for the Mayor and his next term in office. Hopefully he can do more good for our health and environment.


Marathonman101108 said...

You fractured your 3rd and 4th metatarsals and still finished under 5 hours? That's awesome. Rest and listen to your podiatrist. All runners get injuries at some point. I had to withdraw from a marathon last year at the last minute due to a knee injury, and I've had foot and groin (I know, TMI!) injuries also. That's why this 53 year old changed his training plan for long runs to the Jeff Galloway run-walk-run plan. It works. I haven't had an injury since. Do whatever exercise you can, don't stress about the injury (you'll eat more!), and as I used to, remind yourself that it's just a temporary setback, as in a "bump in the road." Then when you can resume running, enjoy the experience even more. Us runners are a special group of people who are fortunate enough to be able to run, and have fun doing so. May you have a speedy recovery.

Marathonman101108 said...

P.S. Wish I had known you were running the NY City Marathon ahead of time. We so could have met each other! :-)

Barbara said...

Just give your foot time to recover. I went back to work too soon after contracting pnuemonia loast Summer and I still am not back to where I was before energywise.
I know it's hard to not be running , but the 4 weeks will go quickly.

Barbara said...

What about a photo of your beautiful medal on your blog ?
I was impressed with the quality of the medal , especially in light of them having 42,000 on hand !

Morgan said...

Oh no! :( I'm sorry girl! Take it easy, rest up and give it time to heal... you'll be back out there pounding pavement before you know it!!!

TallGuySurfing said...

Ouch!!!! Now I don't feel so bad about my injury. While you were rocking the NYC Marathon I was tearing up my left Achilles tendon while running a Half Marathon. Thought I needed an MRI and possible surgery or something, but apparently I've only torn the sheathing or outside layer of the Achilles. Bad news is I have to stay off it for the rest of November and won't be able to continue training for the Disney Marathon until December (about 4 weeks before the race)... should be interesting! Hang in there and you'll get through it!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

BUMMER!! I was injured in college..I did a lot of riding the bike and swimming and lifting weights. Anything I could do to get a sweat in..

Get better soon.

wow you are tough...running hard enough to break yourself.

TMB said...

too bad about the injury, sorry to hear about that! but great job finishing on a broken foot!