Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Rainy Fall Saturday in the City

Today is a rainy, chilly and busy fall Saturday.

It was 63 degrees, 96% humidity and misty at 8am. It is now 66 degrees, 94% humidity and misty at 4:50pm. That gives you an idea of what today has been like here in NYC. It looked beautiful in East Lansing while I watched the MSU game on ESPN2 this afternoon. Too bad the Spartans decided they didn't want to show up for the game. Hopefully next week will be a bit different. Anyway, today was a busy day. I started my run about 8:30am in the park. There had been a road bike race earlier in the morning and NYRR was setting up for the Fitness Magazine race that was starting a little later. On my way around the park I saw Howard Stern and his wife, Beth Ostrosky (who ran the 2008 ING NYC Marathon) as well as Mr. G (a local weatherman who I find quite entertaining) also getting a run in.

The West Side Highway was full of runners. I followed a slightly different route this morning and stayed along the water when I got to Battery Park City. I had no idea what has been hiding down there all this time! Beautiful parks, an esplanade, fountains, restaurants, gorgeous even in the rain and mist! One thing I've really enjoyed about my long runs is having an opportunity to explore areas of the city that I haven't been to before. The Diamond Dash, a benefit for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, was starting in Battery Park when I was going through. As I reached South Street Seaport I realized there were hundreds of people on the bridge! Must be a walk to raise awareness of some cause. And NYC Swim was holding a Brooklyn Bridge swim, too. I had to alter my route so I ran to the Manhattan Bridge along the bike path and turned around there.

On my way back I noticed where the New Amsterdam Market will be tomorrow. We're going to check it out. There were lots of other things going on around the south end of the city in celebration of Harbor Day (the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson arrival to the area) tomorrow. Then I made my way back around Battery Park City and up the West Side Highway and added a mile to the end of my run hoping it would make up for not running across the bridge. I ended at 70th St in Riverside Park where they are holding the 7th Annual West Side County Fair tomorrow. I finished my 20 miles! I wasn't out of breath and my feet felt fine, but my quads!! Ouch!! On my walk across the park there was a concert at Rumsey Playfield and a parade going up 5th Ave.

This is not a city where someone can get bored. Even on a rainy Saturday. I hope you are all having a great weekend, whatever you are doing. Maybe you've found a great fall activity to participate in. Not long before it will be apple picking time! Too bad there isn't an apple orchard in Manhattan!

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