Sunday, September 13, 2009

The County Fair

Today is a beautiful day. The rain and mist is gone and sun and blue sky has returned. It's the perfect day to visit a street fair and the 7th Annual West Side County Fair. We had been planning to go to the New Amsterdam Market but decided instead to walk over to Riverside Park South on the West Side to check out the county fair.

People were kayaking (free from the Downtown Boathouse), buying apples, playing traditional fair games, listening to live music, and learning about The Sierra Club, TapIt, and other environmental organizations. Kids, some of whom have probably never seen a cow in person, were able to learn how cows are milked and then they could go over to the petting zoo to see miniature ponies, a tortoise, goats, and other small animals. There were a lot of people along the river today enjoying the beautiful weather and the chance to spend a great day with friends and family. I'm glad we walked over there. (Plus, it was a good way to get a little exercise on my day off!)

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