Monday, February 7, 2011

Fitness Class Review: Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp

I told you all last week that Grace had roped convinced Kether and I into trying the indoor bootcamp class she's been taking. I was pretty nervous going into it because while I'm cardiovascularly fit, I definitely do not spend enough time strength training and I knew this class wasn't going to test my lung capacity!

The alarm went off at 6:45am Saturday but I had been half awake for a good 10 to 15 minutes before that. I think my mind was already racing in anticipation. I got up, had some green tea and headed out in the dreary mist that we're having all day today. I met Grace and Kether there and picked up the red bands and 5lb weights like Grace had advised us to do for our first class. I'm so glad I went with someone who had taken the class before!

We started with 100 jumping jacks. Great way to get right into it, right? The rest of the hour was non-stop. Squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches and sit-ups, lunges, upright rows, overhead presses, lots of stuff with resistence bands(both arms and legs), more squats, push-ups and jumping jacks. It actually went by so quickly since we went from one thing to the next with no rest in between. Literally, it was kind of a blur looking back on it.

I admit, that I couldn't do everything. Well, not full out anyway. I do think though that I did a pretty good job for it being my first class. I didn't feel completely depleted at the end, but like I had just been through a challenging workout. As Grace had told us, the instructor, Ariane, pushes you and will call you out (I had personal experience with this) but she wasn't in your face and harsh. I was also impressed that she did about 98% of the workout with us, which you don't always see instructors do, especially when they have another class directly afterwards. It's a good thing I'm volunteering tomorrow and taking the day off from working out, because I have a feeling my whole body is going to be sore!

This was a great workout that pushed me in ways that I don't push myself. If only it wasn't quite so expensive, especially on top of a gym membership, I would join the program. I'm definitely contemplating the 5-class package, because I'm certain that even once a week would make a difference. Two days later and I can still feel the workout in my muscles, that means it did something! I was so impressed by Grace's endurance and strength throughout the class. She absolutely rocked it and I would love to be that strong. I really admire all the work and dedication she's put into these classes. It was great to see, and experience, what she's been doing all these months.

Class Info:
Name: Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp
Location: NIMBLE studio (other locations depending on class time, some are outdoors)
Time: Saturday 8am
Instructor: Ariane
    Watch THIS video to learn more!
  • Have you taken a bootcamp class or would you like to try?
  • What is one thing that's missing from your workouts that you'd like to work on more?
Saturday's workout -
Bootcamp class

Sunday's workout -
walk to/from volunteering (approx 3miles, more on this later)

Today's workout -
5mile run
3x10 cable pull push-down
3x10 cable pull twists
100 crunches


Karen Seal said...

WOW that sounds like an incredible workout! Great job!!! :0)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I LOVE workouts like that!! Well, maybe not when I'm doing them, but afterwards I just love how I feel, all those endorphins! I need to start signing up for classes like this, just to get me back into the workout mood. I am sick of my same repetitive workouts, I need a nice change!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

That boot camp sounds awesome! I've never done a boot camp class, but occasionally my trainer will do bootcamp like workouts with me, which SLAY me.

Penny said...

Sounds like you had a good workout. I have never done a bootcamp workout. The closest I have come to a bootcamp workout is Bob bootcamp dvd from the BL. What I am missing in my workout is variety. Keep up the good work.

LauraJayne said...

I've always wanted to try a bootcamp class and Zumba - both are offered free at my gum, I just need to bite the bullet and do it!

gracekelle said...

You rocked it as well! And you're absolutely right, it's a blur...even if you've been doing it for a few months :)

Lauren said...

The bootcamp class sounds fun! I wish I lived closer by so I could try it out!

Lisa said...

LauraJayne, you definitely should give the classes a try. You never know, you might fall in love with them!!

Ariane Hundt said...


thanks for a great review. Had I known you were giving it a review I would have added a couple 100 more push ups! But, it sounds like you'll be back.

See you soon!

cheers, ariane

Lisa said...

has all new meaning for people. They believe in Martial arts classes more than a bootcamp. Martial arts helps them to stay mentally and physically strong. Also help people to keep their nerves calm.