Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taking A Day Off

Friday's have become my day off, or rest day from working out. When I was working, Friday was the day I least wanted to take off because it was also bagel day. Ever since I was an intern (well, they had started the tradition before that) there, two big bags of bagels and muffins would arrive by 10am and the kitchen would quickly be crowded with eager co-workers chatting about weekend plans and popping bagels into the toaster and cautiously rifiling through the mound of wrapped muffins. I tried to stay far away from this event, but since I love bagels and muffins, it was sometimes hard for me to do. So, I would take a pre-emptive strike on the situation and get a good workout in before work so I would start the day off on a healthy note (thus wanting to stay on the healthy path) or, if I did indulge in half a bagel, the extra calories wouldn't put me back too far.

That was the long way around to explain that now I do take Friday's off from working out. It is essential for runners and others who are exercising to take a day or two off each week and rest in order to run at top form as muscles need to recover from the strain put on them. The fibers need to rebuild and be fresh for the next workout. This is true for runninng, biking, using the elliptical or stair climber and definitely for weight lifting. Rest is an important part of training. Just as important as the coveted long run. Recovery runs, a short, easy run the day after an intense workout or long run, is also essential in training.

So, yesterday was my day off. I did go for a walk, which was nice in the cool damp weather. I also enjoyed a few delicious and pretty healthy meals!

After my fruit filled breakfast, I had a delicious lunch, although I wasn't sure how it would turn out when I started cooking.
My usual apple, along with a 3 eggwhite omelete with red peppers and onion, and a baked sweet potato topped with more red peppers, onions and broccoli. Oh yeah, and I like my ketchup! Very nutritious, delicious and filling!

For dinner we had another Trader Joe's whole wheat veggie pizza, topped with extra veggies - more onion, red peppers and broccoli. It comes with mushrooms and olives (which I give to Woody), artichoke, peppers, asparagus and more. Delicious. We definitely like to pump it up a bit with more veggies though. We really couldn't have enough! I mean, doesn't this look great?! Perfect for a rainy, chilly night!

We did venture out in the latest Noreaster this morning to go to the gym. I am impressed by anyone who ran the NY8000 in Central Park, and all the runners who were heading out for long training runs this morning. Dedication!! The gym was much busier than we had hoped it would be, but I managed to score the treadmill I know doesn't have any strange tendencies (with overuse, some are slanted a bit or don't work as smoothly as they should) and ran 5.5 miles. Then I was able to transition to a stationary bike for 30 minutes before stretching, crunches and a bit of weight training. It was a great workout and good start to my day!

After I got back, I whipped up some warm oats with peanut butter, flax seeds, tiny bit of protein powder, banana, mango and blackberries. So good. Well, I wish I had added a bit more water when cooking, it was a bit thick, but it was still great! And Carribou Coffee to go with it.
Sounds like we'll spend the rest of our day catching up on shows we missed during the week, floating around cyberspace and reading. Hey, did you hear about the UFO sightings over Lake Erie? 10 nights in a row. What do you think of it? Just a strange light or the real thing?

How do you spend your rest days?

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Merry said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like a pretty fantastic rest day to me! :D Your food looked so good. I am lazy on my rest days and do next to nothing as far as exercise goes. Bad jocelyn.

Karen said...

Sometimes it is so hard to take the rest days seriously. Your oatmeal looked great - I might have to try blackberries on mine!

Amber said...

My rest days are rarely planned ahead of time, they just kind of happen. Like today! I had meant to go on a long run today but was feeling really crappy and tired all day so I pushed it to tomorrow!

I LOVE bagels too! Bagels with cream cheese, yum! I'll indulge in one about once a month or so!

Robyn said...

We have bagel Fridays at our office too and it's insane. I go through phases of partaking, but right now I don't. I actually ran in the monsoon yesterday morning, it was sorta brutal. Have a great Sunday!

Unknown said...

i take fridays off too! this week i took a yoga class and did some light weights :) Oh and pizza looks so yummy!

NY Wolve said...

I always end up taking Sunday off. Run long Saturday morning, and the rest of the weekend is a breeze. Of course, that means being good on Friday night, which is always hard.

lpskins said...

I see another ketchup lover!!