Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday (music) Freebie!

Some of you may know that besides running and fitness, I LOVE music. And by music, I mean mostly real music by musicians, artists, who are extraordinary, creative and more often than not, write their own songs. There's not much better in life than going to a concert that gives me goosebumps. It's incredible to see musicians on stage captivate a crowd with their presence and melodies. Really touch hundreds or thousands of people in one place at one time. The rest of the world seems to stop and everyone is focused on one thing. What power is that?!

So, anyway, I went to one of those concerts last night. It was incredible, but I knew it would be. Imelda May (who sang with Jeff Beck on the Grammy's) opened with her band from Ireland and totally rocked it out. Of course, she finished off her set with Johnny Got A Boom Boom and really killed it! I've seen her twice before, but I think this was the best performance so far, even though she's been performing for years and is definitely not new to the game.

Jamie Cullum was the headliner and I've been waiting for this show for years. Other than a few one off's (I missed him at Carnegie last summer) he hasn't done a proper US tour since he supported Catching Tales about four years ago. Even though he is a little sick, it was hard to tell. He was hilarious, joking with the crowd between most songs, challenging his amazing band by making up the set list as they went and playing his heart out, like he does at every show. If you don't know Jamie for his albums, you may know him from the Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino. Jamie co-wrote and performed the closing title track.

So, you're wondering about the free stuff, right? Here it goes!

Everyone can (and should) check out a few tracks from Jamie's new album, The Pursuit, which just came out on Tuesday.
Go to:
Enter: jamie
and download FREE mp3s of "Wheels" (the US single) and "Don't Stop The Music"
If you love it as much as I do, or even half as much, pass it on to friends and let them check it out too!

Now, here's the GIVEAWAY!
Prize: One autographed copy of Jamie's album, The Pursuit, and a copy of Imelda's album, Love Tattoo.
How to enter: While Jamie just started his US tour here in NYC this week, he is always touring the world. Go here to see his tour dates and leave a comment to this post letting me know which city you think is the coolest on the list. For additional entries, post a link to this giveaway on your blog or tweet a link and let me know you did.
Enter by: 8pm, Sunday March 14th!

See Jamie on CBS Saturday Early Show this Saturday! I hope you have a great weekend!


Writing Without Periods! said...

I'm not sure which city is the coolest...San Fran?
Love the contest.

stephchows said...

thanks for the link!!

In response to your comment on my post... a great resource for figuring out calories in a recipe is this gadget here, so cool!

Julie said...

i can't really comment on all the cities since i haven't been to them all. of cities that i've been to, i think edinburgh is a fantastic place! of those i haven't been to, i'd really love to see sydney.

yay for contests! i LOVE Jamie :)

gracela said...

Jamie Cullum is not only talented but adorable and so down to earth. No wonder Sophie Dahl married him!

Karen said...

Wow- they are world travelers! It is a toss up between Glasgow and London just because I am dying to see both places so will live vicariously through them.