Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why Do You Run?

I was hanging out on the Women's Health Magazine website the other day and came across an interesting article 6 Reasons to Start Running and it got me thinking. Why did I start running?

The reasons WH lays out are easy to identify to for most runners, but may seem a bit foreign to others:
1. It's so easy
2. Yet so hard
3. Your knees will thank you (most runners are likely to be at a normal weight, thus putting less strain on joints)
4. You'll stress less
5. It can prevent disease
6. You'll probably live longer

While I think these are great reasons to run (or be active in general) I had other motivations to start. Here are six of my reasons:
1. To be fit and loose weight
2. To get outdoors
3. To challenge myself
4. For the health benefits
5. To loose weight
6. A stress reliever

Yes, you read that right and I meant it. I initially started running to aid in weight loss and then to maintain that. My reasons have changed slightly, like now I also run to meet new people and get involved in the community. To be part of a community and experience the thrill of running with thousands of other like-minded people.

I mean, check out this post-race glow!

There are tons of health and personal reasons to start running. Of course, many people will give just as many reasons why not to run (some reasonable, others not), but I like to focus on the fact that it keeps my lungs and heart strong, is proven to be a great stress reducer (unless, of course, you spend all your waking hours strategizing and fretting over an upcoming race), and keeps my weight in check. Plus, it's a great way to spend time with friends!

Why did you start running? Why do you keep running?


LisaDay said...

I am impressed by people who can run, and love it. However, I am more of the mindset of the best friend in Run, Fat Boy, Run. When commenting that the someone runs marathons, the best friend's response was: 'Why?' Why indeed.

Swimming is my running. But enjoy.

Stopping by from SITS.


Jen Feeny said...

I love it! :)

These and so many more are great reasons to start running!

Loved the race glow pic! :) Have a great day girl!

Anonymous said...

I started running because...

I continue because I enjoy it immensely.

Julie said...

Hi Lisa,
I started to run for health reasons and I wanted to look really good for my 20 year reunion!
Yes, I wanted to be a "hot mamma!!"

I keep running because of how it makes me feel, for what it has done to my body and because it makes me happy:) Also, it has given me more drive and I have some of the competitivness back that I once had in high school track!

Jocelyn said...

Great lists! I like all of your reasons. I started to run because my friend suggested we run a marathon and I thought she was crazy...I continue to run because I enjoy it, it clears my head, I feel healthier, I feel happier, I am stronger.

Susan said...

Great post! I started running to lose weight and to feel better about myself. Have I lost much weight over the past 3 years? No, but I feel healthier. And I keep it up because of the way I feel AFTER the good long run. Love the "after glow" pic!

Julie said...

I think I mostly started because of peer-pressure - seems like everyone runs! And it was an easy way to get outside and get some solid exercise. I've continued for a lot of reasons - training for races keeps me on a routine, my dogs love to join me (and they need the outlet as much as I do), it's a great stress-relief, I've accomplished things I never imagined, and I've met a great running community here. Can't wait for our race in April!!

Unknown said...

Hey Lisa thanks for visiting my blog, adorned with lace! This is a great post. I have actually wanted to "start running" for quite sometime now.. but I am not a runner. I had this dilemma for quite some time now. Perhaps you have motivated me??

J said...

I love being outdoors and just the feeling after a great run! it really can be unexplainable sometimes! When i tell the guys at work that I get up at 5am to run they just look at me like I am crazy!

Christina Lee said...

well, I don't run. I power walk with my dog--unless there's snow on the round then we just "trudge" on through :D But it's refreshing being outdoors! Love your Central Park pic--I miss living there sometimes!

brandi said...

i started about 2 years ago, but we haven't run now in 4 months? It's so dark + cold here before and after work that we haven't been able to go this winter.

I miss it, but it is what it is.

Chloe (Project Live Well) said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by at my site - so glad you found me as now I can follow your fantastic blog!!

I LOVE your idea of a 'healthy to do list' in your sidebar. I haven't seen this concept anywhere else. LOVE it!

Such a coincedence that we both posted about the reasons to run ( ) - Great minds think alike!

I'll see if I can find/add you on Her Future.


Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I'm a relatively new runner, but my main motivation is to challenge myself and to maintain my weight. I got into running in November after I had a BLAST participating in a 5K Turkey Trot. I love your post-race glow! :)