Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh.... THE Bar

Last night I met up with my former co-workers for a few drinks. Things happened so unexpectedly last week that we decided it would be better to wait a few days and get together this week. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to come, but it was really great to see everyone who was there. We were, and hopefully will stay, a family. I'd like to think that ours was a different sort of label, one that was unusually united.

Anyway... last night inspired this morning's post. I'll start by declaring that I am not a big drinker. Truth be told, I hardly drink at all. This is not a typical characteristic of someone in the music industry, or really, someone my age, but all my colleagues were used to it. Even in college I wasn't a huge drinker. Sure, I'd have a few beers at parties and at the bar, a few mixed drinks in there too, but my need to be in control usually overruled everything else. And while I still definitely enjoy an occasional glass of good wine or a beer, the last few years my gym habit and then marathon training have been the most common reasons why I don't drink.

I had planned ahead for last night and decided that today would be my day off from the gym. If I don't plan ahead when I go out, I end up with two choices:
1. Stick to Diet Coke - no drinks
2. Prepare myself for a not-so-great workout the next day

Obviously, I'd rather not have a good workout if I'm going to go to the gym or for a run, so I usually choose #1. Also, I rather eat my calories than drink them plus I often have a tendency to eat more when I drink. So, not drinking is a way for me to increase the odds that I'll have a better workout the next day and forgo unnecessary calories.

Last night I enjoyed a pint, plus a little, and a few great hours with good friends. This morning, I slept in a bit and plan to take a long walk later today.

As an active person, do you find yourself drinking less than the typical person (if there is such a thing)? I know many runners enjoy a cold beer after a race or feel no need to decrease alcohol consumption while training. Do you fall in this category or the less is more category with me? Is there a relationship between food and alcohol for you?

water or beer? which do you reach for?


Jocelyn said...

I am the same way. I went through a period where I would drink..but still didn't think I drank a ton. Now I barely drink and I don't crave any sort of alcohol. I get a buzz so quickly! Training and running are my new outlet!

Julie said...

when i started marathon training, i found that i became a total light-weight! i've definitely decreased for the sake of weekend morning runs, but i still love me a cold beer after running off a ton of calories!

baker said...

yes- i too have become a light weight. actually, its more that i get sleepy by midnight as im so used to waking up early for a swim, bike or run. i dont cut back at all though.

as far as 'kinds of booze' is concerned: pre race (nights leading up to a race) i can only have beer though. if i have liquor or wine it messes me up big time. and yes, my favorite thing ever is a cold beer after a long race!

Unknown said...

I used to consider drinking beer "carbo loading" for whatever sport I would be playing the next day. In the past year, I've become a lightweight and have cut back to almost no alcohol. After the Disney Marathon I had one glass of wine and it knocked me out! I enjoy a beer after a race, but I definitely can't hang like I used to, not that I want to anymore anyhow.

Anna said...

I still enjoy a night out (or in) every now and then, but they have become very few and far between. I've realized that I really enjoy my days off a lot better when I make it out of bed before noon and don't have to spend the day on the couch recuperating.

gracela said...

I love the social aspect of the beer, but never the consequences. Not only do I feel like crap the next day, but it's extra calories, my muscles tighten up because I get dehydrated, I always want a pizza with the beer, and one beer always leads to another and God knows I have no self control.

Good to see you last night. Btw, it took a LOT of self restraint from getting a pizza last night but I did it.