Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the Christmas Music Play

Have you noticed that a lot of radio stations flip to holiday music at the beginning of November? That as soon as kids finish trick-or-treating, stores start to bring out the Christmas decorations? The big department stores in NYC 'unveil' their holiday windows in November? Well, I am one who does not like to skip holidays. There is a reason why they happen when they do and we should not mess with the calendar. Yes, technically historians have proven that Christ was more likely born in July than December, but still. Christmas is December 25th and Thanksgiving is in November. Christmas decorations should be pulled out of the attic the day after Thanksgiving and not a moment sooner.

Now, I love Christmas music, but if I have any control over it, I will not listen to it before the day after Thanksgiving. I feel the holiday loses a little bit of it's luster if you 'celebrate' it for over a month. I'm sure others might think the many days leading up to the 25th add to the hype and anticipation, but not me.

Anyway, I tell you all this to set up my very first giveaway!! It really has nothing to do with running, fitness, or healthy eating, but everything to do with holiday music & my favorite things (I'm stepping in since Oprah isn't doing the show this year).

Everyone likes to add new Christmas music to their collection, right? (Well, I suppose mostly those who celebrate Christmas really.) If you are looking for new music, then here's your chance to get some delivered right to you! One lucky person will get 6 of my favorite holiday albums: Diana Krall's Christmas Songs, Ledisi's It's Christmas, Now That's What I Call Christmas, Verve Remixed Christmas, (and the original versions of the songs) Verve Unmixed Christmas, and my all time favorite holiday album, Ella Fitzgerald's (who is also my all time favorite vocalist - I can listen to her for hours on end) Ella Wishes You a Swingin' Christmas. To top it off, I'm going to throw in a DVD copy of my favorite holiday movie, "White Christmas." (*sigh* Bing Crosby was so cute!)

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what your favorite holiday album is or your favorite holiday tradition. A second entry if you link to this on your blog (just be sure to let me know)!

Entries will be accepted until 5pm next Sunday, December 6th! Good Luck!!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OMW how fun is this?? I will link you in on Test Lab Tuesday tomorrow.

My Favorite Christmas Album is Blue Christmas with Elvis, it has sentimental value because my GRandma always had it on during the holidays and she is no longer with us.


Anna said...

I don't know that this is my favorite Christmas album, but one of my fav non-traditional Christmas songs is Collin Raye's "It Could Happen Again". I think my most favorite traditional is "Silent Night", because I love the feeling it gives when we sing it at candle light service on Christmas Eve.

Julie said...

I'm very lame, but my favorite Christmas album is A Chipmunk Christmas. It was the one record I'd listen to over and over again as a kid while we decorated the tree. Those little rodents sure can sing!

J said...

OMG! White Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies! Its between that and a Christmas Story! Very cool giveaway! I just put Christmas music on my ipod this morning to take to work and listen to!

Brenda Vogt said...

Hey Lisa - what a cool idea! I too LOVE Christmas music, but not until AFTER Thanksgiving! I love the old-time Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra holiday albums that I listened to growing up. My favorite holiday tradition is waking up before everyone on Christmas morning, then going outside and listening to the silence. Its so peaceful. For just a few moments, the world (or my corner of it) is at peace.

thatgirlblogs said...

Nat King Cole = I'm the happiest Christmas tree

SurferWife said...

LOve, love, love Michael Buble's, Let it Snow Album!

Unknown said...

Oooooh White Christmas---I just saw that movie for the first time two years ago and it has tied my fave xmas movie It's a Wonderful Life (which reminds me of my grandma).

Let's see favorite Xmas albumn...I don't know if I have a full album or not but my fave songs are:

Little Saint Nick-Beach Boys
Blue Xmas-Elvis
White Christmas-BING!
Rockin' Around the Xmas Tree-Brenda Lee

Tricia said...

Elvis, Nat King Cole, Sinatra..sounds like I'm not the only one who love the old ones! Surprisingly I don't think I own a Christmas album outside of my sons Raffi.

Great giveaway!

EricaH said...

I don't have a favorite album but my favorite song is This Christmas only the Donny Hathaway version.
in case that doesn't count my favorite tradition is decorating the tree together. )