Sunday, October 1, 2017

A New Sunday Morning

Hey there. It's been awhile. I've been missing my little spot on the interwebs but since my last post, life has been going by in a flash and I just haven't found time to find my way here until now. Instead my focus and energy has been elsewhere:
  • Planning a big fundraising event for MSU's alumni club in Colorado
  • Landing an exciting new job, starting said job, and taking on the gigantic learning curve that comes with it and will continue on for some time
  • Planning BirdCamp Colorado with three amazing women, and hosting 50 more women at Snow Mountain Ranch up near Granby for an incredible weekend of running and sisterhood  
All of this has presented unique challenges that have left me a bit exhausted, but it has also been incredibly rewarding and exciting. Unfortunately though, there has been little time for anything else.

As life is starting to settle down a bit (maybe? hopefully?), I'm looking forward to a long weekend with my parents later this month to celebrate a big Birthday (not mine) in Nashville and getting back to some other things I love to do. 

However, there's one other thing I've been dealing with the last few months that has been nagging at me, and as much as I want to put it in the past, it's going to take a bit more time and patience. On this first day of October, a beautiful fall day perfect for running, I'm not running because of a leg injury. It's that kind of injury that hurts but doesn't force you to stop like a stress fracture does (thank goodness). I've been able to push through it in order to continue running, at very low mileage, but this past week my chiropractor put me in my place and I'm shutting it down for a bit. 

It's difficult when your typical Saturday and Sunday mornings start with fresh air, and a good heart-pumping run, then all of a sudden you're faced with figuring out what your mornings are now going to look like. I'm a real creature of habit but I can only handle so many days a week at the gym. 

I'm thankful that this morning, when I had to miss a Oiselle VolĂ©e Colorado meet up, a friend (and teammate) was there to meet me for coffee after her run and distract me with a cute toddler. So instead of running through the park this morning, I took a walk. Not quite the same, but for now, that's what I have to do. 

Take a deep breath. Slow it down. Focus on the moment and be happy that at least I can still get outside on a beautiful fall day. And think about all the running that's ahead once I can finally kick this thing.

Washington Park Garden

Now it's time to figure out why I get these injuries, what I need to do to recover from this, and what needs to change so this doesn't happen again next year. 

Are you also struggling with an injury? Let me know and I'll send some love your way.

If you have recommendations for Nashville - like cool neighborhoods to explore - please share!

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