Sunday, December 6, 2015

Race Recap: Mile High United Way Turkey Trot (round 3)

We've started decorating for Christmas but I haven't quite wrapped up Thanksgiving. And I wonder how many times I can write a recap about the same race. I guess as many times as I run it, right?

We celebrated our third Thanksgiving in Denver and ran our third Mile High United Way Turkey Trot just a few blocks from our house in Wash Park with about 10,000 other people. The past two years we've had pretty great weather for Thanksgiving, this year we weren't as fortunate. It was about 25 degrees when the race started at 10:15am, snowing and windy and the roads were pretty slick.

During our warm-up run down to the start line we had an opportunity to get our bearings on the slick, snow-covered roads. We were pretty surprised by how much snow was on the roads since the race organizers had sent out an email the night before recognizing the weather conditions and announcing they would be working to keep the course clear. While it was a bit disappointing, that's how it goes when you race in the winter and you just have to be a bit more careful. (Tip 1: stay clear of painted lines and markings on the roadway - they're slicker than the pavement.)

Not only does this race bring out a lot of runners and walkers, but many people in the neighborhood typically spectate, creating parties on their front lawns and bands on front porches. The crowd was smaller, but there were a few diehards out there with music, which was much appreciated as we were being pelted by snow and wind!

With my family in town for the holiday they all bundled up and came out to cheer for us, which was a huge treat since we don't have any family in Colorado to support us at races. You can't help but find the effort to smile through the snow when your niece and nephew have their hands out for a big high five! The four mile course boarders the park before doing a partial loop within it, so we were able to see them twice. I am thankful they came out for us!

Early Morning Run - Mile High Turkey Trot Lisa on Downing

Early Morning Run - Mile High Turkey Trot High 5

Woody finished with his fastest time yet for this race, I finished with my slowest. But I'm okay with that because I still got out there, put in a good effort and didn't fall! (Tip 2: Oiselle's new Power Stretch Mittens will keep your hands warm & toasty!)

I met up with Woody at the Great Divide beer garden and we picked up a great, if not somewhat random, selection of goodies at the post-race expo including LED lightbulbs, Silk Almond Milk and this year's pint glass. Then we hurried home and almost froze on the way as we started to cool down again. Thankfully there was hot coffee waiting for us!

Early Morning Run _Mile High Turkey Trot Finish

This was my last race of the year which means I need to start thinking earnestly about 2016. I'd love recommendations for your favorite 5k's to 10-mile races.

Do your Thanksgiving traditions include a Turkey Trot? * Do you have any races still this year?

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