Sunday, August 16, 2015

Time To Rebuild

During my PT appointment on Tuesday I got the go ahead to start adding miles - music to my ears! While I think I've been pretty level-headed during this injury, likely due to the fact that unlike others I neither had to wear a boot or use crutches, I've had my low times and it this has lasted longer than I expected. 

This all started back in May which means I've missed the majority of summer running and that I'm having to rebuild after a big setback. Before my injury, I was feeling better about my running than I had for a long time; having built a great deal of confidence, endurance, and speed. Things were going really well before derailed by the injury. I know, it's a common story among us runners, right?

The weekend before that last PT appointment I had two pretty rough runs. My legs didn't feel awful but my lungs did. Apparently being an active injured runner - doing long hikes and run/walks - didn't help as much as I hoped it would.

As much as I want to be elated to run again and have each run be better than the last, the truth is, that's not how recovery works for a lot of us and I've done this enough times you'd think I'd be used to it. 

The good thing is that I'm not in pain with every step and I can run. But I have to keep in mind that it's going to require patience, thoughtfulness, the ability to say no sometimes (and isn't that the hardest word for most of us to say to anything!) and a lot of stretching and rolling.

Running the High Line Canal trail
photo credit: Lindsay Jones
Patience with myself and my body.

Thoughtfulness in planning my workouts and goals.

The ability to say no to the impatient runner in me who wants to add more miles and speed too soon, and sign-up for too many races too soon.

And stretching and rolling so my legs won't be balls of twisted and tight muscles that weigh me down and keep me from getting back to my old self - and going past that!

Thankfully this weekend I've had the opportunity to run with some fellow Oiselle VolĂ©e birds. You may have heard the team recently expanded and we now have over 50 in Colorado alone! A bit last minute we planned a run + brunch for Saturday morning and had 7 birds for the run plus two more for brunch at True Food Kitchen. 

Oiselle Team Colorado at True Food Kitchen

While I was definitely slower on the run and had to cut the loop of Wash Park short (listening to my body and staying true to where I am right now), I had a great time. Meeting new women who love to run also, was inspiring. That experience, plus my run on Sunday with another bird, got me out of my comfort zone by just the right amount. Rather than being discouraged by them, they are part of the rebuilding process. 

And thankfully when I come home from a run (good or not so good) or when I'm being lazy and not making time for the foam roller, I have Woody to keep me in check. 

We can only do so much of the rebuilding on our own, we need our support system to help us get where we're going.

Have you had to rebuild after an injury? What helped you on your road back?

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