Thursday, October 9, 2014

Running Up a Canyon is Hard

But it’s totally worth it. At least when that canyon is Boulder Canyon.

Boulder Canyon 1

While I work in Boulder – one of the best running towns in the country – my daily commute is about two hours round trip, on a good day. So as much as I’d love to run in Boulder every day, it just doesn’t work out very often for me to do it.

Boulder Canyon 2

But this week I was determined to get out for a run. Some colleagues who live in Boulder had told me about this run, and I’ve been pining to do it. Right across the street from our office is the Boulder Creek Path, which winds through town to the east or up the canyon to the west. I was looking for a climb and some peace and quiet.

Boulder Canyon 3

And a climb is what I got! Let me tell you, there is a serious elevation gain going up the canyon. About a mile in I was starting to question my colleague’s assertions that “it’s a pretty steady, but easy climb.” Maybe for them – since they’ve been running it for years! Don’t be fooled, this run will take your breath away. In more ways than one.

Boulder Canyon 4

While the trail starts off at the west end of town, it hugs Boulder Creek for most of the way. There is a stretch where the road separates the trail from the creek, but before long the path sweeps under the road and you’re right back on the banks of the creek.

Boulder Canyon 5

I saw a few other runners, couples out for an evening walk, some bikers and a few guys fly fishing, but I’m fairly certain that the path isn’t typically this empty.

Boulder Canyon run

Boulder Canyon 7

My lungs may have been burning on the way up, but views like this and the fast downhill on the way back down into town made every gasp completely worth it.


Boulder Canyon 8

Okay, it’s time to brag: What are you proud of this week?


Lisa said...

That looks like a glorious run! Those colors are so beautiful!

Lisa said...

It was beautiful! I can't believe it took me so long to run this.

Lisa said...

I'm proud of having locked in two marketing opportunities at work, and having run 22 miles on Saturday. Woop woop!

Gee, your scenery is breath-taking. Just stunning!