Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ready for Another Weekend

This has been a busy, exhausting and really fantastic week. After running BolderBOULDER on Monday, we jumped right into the week. My friend April arrived Tuesday for a short visit. Our first guest since we moved into our house, we were excited to have someone stay in our guest room! Even if the bed arrived the same day she did.

It was her first time in Colorado so I wanted to give her a good taste of what Denver has to offer! Happy hour in Boulder, a visit to Red Rocks to check out the amphitheater and a little hiking, iced coffee on a hot day in Golden, exploring downtown Denver, and running in Wash Park. Oh, and a few delicious meals, the last capped off with amazing ice cream from High Point Creamery. (Can’t help but love that they “encourage tastings”). I was sad to see her go – actually, I had to leave for work before she headed off to Glenwood Springs – it was so much fun to catch up and show her around my new city!

Red Rocks

Touring Denver

I’ve been doing a lot of running in Washington Park these last few weeks since we moved into our new house. Covering 165 acres, it’s one of the largest parks in Denver. There are two large lakes, a fishing pond, tennis courts, a great rec center, beautiful gardens and a large meadow for picnics and volleyball courts. It’s a hugely popular park for running and biking; there’s a 2.5 mile gravel path around the edge of the park and several roads. I am thankful every day that we were able to find a house just a few blocks from this amazing park!

Washington Park 6

Washington Park 3

I was not at all surprised to learn that the design of Wash Park was influenced by work of the Olmsted Brothers (sons of Frederick Law Olmsted who designed Central Park and Prospect Park).

Washington Park2

Washington Park 5

Washington Park 1

Washington Park 7

Sunday was spent in Castle Rock (south of Denver) with Andrea, a co-director of Venus de Miles, an all-women’s road ride here in Colorado and also in Illinois. We had an awesome time telling hundreds of women, and men, about our ride at the Elephant Rock post-ride expo and handing out these super-cute bags!

Venus de Miles

Angie, the other co-director, stopped by after she finished her century ride (yeah, she’s hard core)! These ladies are fantastic. I love working with them and seeing their enthusiasm for this event and its great cause.

Elephant Rock Ride_Venus de Miles

Wednesday, June 4 is National Running Day. This is one “national day” I can get behind. How are you going to celebrate?


Lisa said...

I love that April was able to visit you. I can't wait to do it myself.

Washington Park looks gorgeous. I will always love Central Park but the rest of the country has so much to offer too. Reminds me that we need to do all we can to preserve our parks.

National Running Day - I will be running with some friends. I hope the weather is nice! Wish we could run together!

Lisa said...

I am hoping to get in a short run after work before i have to pick up the kids, or maybe I will run while they bike. Either way I am running for National Running day!

That park looks beautiful!